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R1 Ultimate with Olympus 8mm f/1,8 pro

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  • R1 Ultimate with Olympus 8mm f/1,8 pro

    Hello, I am an enthousiast user of Fanotec stuff. I use for almost 2 years the NN3 in combination with the R16 advanced rotator. I make with the Olympus 8mm f/1,8 pro fisheye 17 pictures. 8x -15 degrees and 8x +15 degrees and the Zenith. To increase all these pictures AND for use on the Fanotec carbon pole I bought this R1 ultimate with the proper lensring. F6457
    Now I am having a problem....

    I cannot find a actual manual in which my lens is described, because the plastic ring is not symmetrical. Mounted in both ways the focusing ring seems in friction with the plastic ring. Mounting the clamp over this plastic ring seems impossible. When I unlock the lockingscrew completely This screw is not aligned when this ring is over the plastic ring. So the screw cannot be used.

    So I can use some help of people who are using this set up. Additional detail pictures wil be of great help.

    Thanks in advance, with kind regards from Raymond, Netherlands. Object&co -regio Twente-

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    Hi Raymond,

    Sorry for the missing manual and the trouble of installing the ring.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	OM 8mm.png
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    Mounting point is where the big Olympus logo near the red dot. Arrow points to the front of lens surface.
    The red dot should locate to the slit of plastic insert. This lens ring should be very easy to install.
    To reinstall the screw, it must be kept coaxial to the socket. The ring can have some stretching without problem.
    Try to re-tighten it very gently first. Loosen it when you feel too much resistance. It is likely a misalignment.

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      Hi raymonidas why 17? is there a strict reason for that? I shoot in tight places with a om5.2 and the Samyang 7.5, I can close a 360 in 4 @-15 +zenith, I do prefer a 5@-15 + zenith or maximum 6 to overcome white walls control points problems... I can share ptgui projects if you want, but oversampling goes out with lost pixels and more stitching problems
      Luca Vascon.
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