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Nikon D7200 APS-C and Sigma Fisheye 8mm

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  • Nikon D7200 APS-C and Sigma Fisheye 8mm

    Question from Stefan:
    "Hi and Good Morning,
    I have a question about the panorama head from Nodal Ninja. Is the nadir and the zenith of the panorama closed when using the r20 with a Nikon D7200 APS-C camera and the Sigma Fisheye 8mm f / 3.5 ex dg and what is the different between the R20 and the R10? Or is the R1 the better solution for quick fotos?
    Thx and best regards, Stefan

    Hello Stefan,
    The R series pano heads are basically for single row panos so I would suggest an NN3
    or similar.
    If you use an R series you will need zenith and nadir shots to fill the holes at the zenith and nadir.
    With an APS-C sensor and Sigma 8mm I shoot 8 shots round at -10 and 4 shots round at +35 which closes the zenith beautifully.
    You can get away with less shots such as 6 round at -10 and 3 (and I think perhaps eve 2 but would have to test) round at +35, but I like lots of overlap so I can use the Mask tool in PTGui for anything moving during the exposures such as people, animals, leaves and even clouds.
    Once you kit is set up it is really no big thing to take a lot of shots rather than a few.
    To fill the nadir I take a single hand held shot vertically down and use PTGui's Viewpoint Correction
    Hope this helps and feel free to ask any more questions.