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Lensbaby 5.8 fisheye

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  • Lensbaby 5.8 fisheye

    Dose/has anyone use a Lensbaby 5.8mm fisheye with a crop factor camera (APS-C)
    and if so how many shots for a stitched, spherical, panorama?

    Thanks in advance

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    it is spherical fisheye on 1.5x sensor. so 3 shot around is min. 4 is better.
    We listen. We try harder.


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      Hello Nick, Is there a lens ring for the Lensbaby 5.8 to be used on an R1?


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        Hugh yes there is a lens ring for the Lensbaby (F6420)
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          My hope is that I can shoot 4 around and no zenith shot with the Lensbaby 5.8mm on the R1 with my Sony A6300 or for that matter, on my N3.
          Currently with the R1 (with a Samyang 8mm) or with my N3 (with a Rokinon 8mm) I shoot 6 around and 2 zeniths apposing (1 can work if there is a lot of detail).
          Since I soot HDR that is a difference of 20 images in productions. So I cut my time in half in productions.
          I have posted requests in a few groups like PTGui and no one have given me a definitive answer to my question.
          I can not believe no one has shot a spherical panorama with a Lensebaby 5.8. I have done exhausted searches on Google. Nothing.
          The lens and ring will cost me less than $400.
          I appreciate Nicks response, but it's too vague.
          I just need conformation that the Lensbaby 5.8 will preform on a APS-C sensor, like an 8mm would on a full frame camera to produce spherical panoramas.
          Unless I hear anything I will make a purchase and let you know.
          Thanks for your support.


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            Clearly, what is need is a response from someone using a Lensbaby 5.8mm with an APS-C sensor, but I hope the following is of some use.

            I always prefer to try things in a practical way as the theory is not always accurate, which is especially true with fisheye lenses as the construction can be be significantly different.
            I used to use a Sigma 8mm, but had the opportunity to use a Samyang 8mm and found it gave me a better result and higher resolution Equirectangulars so exchanged the Sigma for the Samyang.

            I don't have access to a Lensbaby 5.8 so cannot actually test it, but have been able to find images from it on the Internet and from what I can tell it behaves very similarly to the Sigma 4.5mm I had in that you get a full circle image on the APS-C sensor so I am pretty confident that the Lensbaby on your Sony A6300 on the R1 will enable you to take 4 shots round and close the zenith and would suggest tilting upwards by 7.5 to get better overlap at the zenith.
            As Nick says, you could get away with 3 shots round, which also applies to using the Sigma 4.5mm with an APS-C sensor and the Samyang 8mm with the FX sensor, but I always prefer more overlap for better Control Point generation and for Masking out moving subjects, so would recommend 4 shots round.

            I did try Nick's suggestion of turning the camera so that the the diagonal across the sensor was vertical with 8 shots round by setting the click stops at 90 so that every other shot used the click stop and manual aligning the camera between the click stops for the alternative shots, but would find this a bit of a nuisance in practice as one of the main catalysts in my purchasing a Nodal Ninja head was the click stops.
            When I first started making 360 panoramas acquiring the Sigma 8mm was for me a huge outlay so I built my first head for rotating the camera around the NPP from bits of aluminum I had in the garage and aligned each shot manually with a protractor on the tripod, which I found laborious and time consuming, so found using a Nodal Ninja head with its click stops a great improvement.

            I was not too happy with the result as shooting the camera horizontal I have the same size (jagged - star shaped) hole at the zenith and nadir although the nadir hole is well within the tripod legs this means quite a large hole to deal with at the zenith, so I tilted the camera up by +7.5 which resulted in a tiny hole at the zenith, but a star shaped hole at the nadir with the same diameter as my tripod legs with the tripod at full height, so tilting up any more to close the zenith would make an even bigger hole to deal with at the nadir.
            I did try 6 shots round at +7.5 which still had the tiny hole at the zenith, but a huge star shaped hole at the nadir, which would be too big to sort out with with a handheld nadir shot.

            Having experimented with the turning the camera so that the sensor diagonal is vertical I would go back to to my two rows at +12.5 and -10 method if I were to use the Samyang 8mm on my APS-C camera with an R1 even though there is clearly a time lag between the same orientation for each row, but as movement (e.g. people or animals) is usually in the horizontal area the huge overlap between the top and bottom rows would still enable moving objects to be Masked.

            I have gone into some detail as although I am confident that the Lensbaby on your Sony A6300 on the R1 will enable you to take 4 shots round there is the resolution of the Equirectangular to consider.
            The following numbers are for APS-C sensor:
            Sigma 4.5mm - 7150 x 3575 approx - PTGui 11
            Lensbaby 5.6mm - 7900 x 3950 approx - Erik's page
            Sigma 8mm - 9180 x 4590 approx - Erik's page
            Samyang 8mm - 13700 x 6850 approx - PTGui 11

            Erik's page refers to:

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              Meike 6.5mm is a good addition to circular fisheye for APSC mirrorless. Much cheaper.
              Lensbaby has pretty bad build quality.
              And, Lensbaby is designed for DSLR and has much more bulk.
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                Hello Gill,

                I would take Nick's advice as he has the opportunity to handle all these lenses and has a much better knowledge of what is out there and available, probably the best.

                I had not heard of Meika lenses before, but browsing the Internet shows that the image is almost a full circle on the sensor and larger than that for the Lensbaby so you have the advantage of making use of more of the sensor and I would suspect you would get a higher resolution Equirectangular.

                The specifications I have read gives a 190 angle of view so 4 shots round at +7.5 should give plenty of overlap for Control Point generation and Masking (if needed) and close the zenith well with a hole at the nadir which is about the same size as the head.

                I look forward to hearing how you get on.


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                  I just bought a Lensbay 5.8 fisheye (Sony E Mount), for $80.
                  I ordered the ring for $100.(F6420). So well under the $400 estimate; $180 to be exact.
                  I look forward to sharing my tests results with you all.
                  Thank You for you support.
                  I hope this helps me and someone else.


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                    I got the Lensbaby 5.8 fisheye today, but not for $80. The seller on eBay cancelled my winning bid, so I had to pay full price $300.
                    I motified a mounting plate to accommodate my A6300 do I can use it on my NN3. I was successful in shooting 4 images around and got a "Good" stitching with PTGui.
                    Image quality is good for the internet, print, probably not.
                    Waiting for the lens ring before fine tuning the setup.
                    The LB 5.8 fills the 1.5 crop sensor. Whereas the Meike 6.5 would not.
                    The construction of the LB is palatable, with a plastic mount and loose f-stop ring (nothing a rubber band cant fix).
                    This will cut my production times in half.
                    When I fine tune this rig, I will post some images.
                    I hope this helps someone out.
                    I could not find much on the internet, but support from here and elsewhere really made a difference.


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                      Hello Richard,
                      I am pleased to hear you are up and running although sad to hear about your eBay experience.
                      I would be interested to see an image from the Lensbaby on your APS-C sensor and to learn what size Equirectangular PTGui is giving you as you have now got me thinking as your kit is just a little under half the weight of my DSLR and Samyang 8mm and I usually need to reduce the resolution of my panoramas to get tours small enough for the WordPress limit.


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                        No sharpening. HDR 3 images, 4 shots around at 7.5 degrees. PtGui out: 5878 x 2939 (images cropped down to 5.3mm) using a Lensbaby 5.8 circular fisheye on a Sony A6300 attached to a notified camera plate on a N3.
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                          Thanks for the information Richard, I'll have to give this some serious thought although it will probably be some time before I make a move, if I do.


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                            Hugh, by the way that was my Father's middle name. I weighed my fisheye lenses: Samyang 2.8, 9.5oz; Rokinon 3.5, 13.9oz; LensBaby 5.8, 14.9oz.


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                              Hello Richard,

                              So the name Hugh obviously has a good pedigree!

                              Thank you for the weight stats, but it is my FX camera body that is the main contributor at 35oz (2.2 lbs) which is what is making me consider a mirrorless option.

                              Enjoy your new set up, Hugh.