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R1, Samyang 8mm on a Sony A6300

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  • R1, Samyang 8mm on a Sony A6300

    Just got this set setup: R1, Samyang 8mm on a Sony A6300
    I have a N3, Rokinon 8mm on a Sony A55 which I have used to shoot my spherical panoramas for Google and other panos.
    My question is how are people shooting their spherical pano with the R1 and a fisheye on a cropped censored camera?

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    Hello Gill,

    Not sure that I can give you the answer you would like.

    The R1 is designed for single row panoramas.

    I use an R1 + Samyang 8mm, but with an FX body - 4 shots round at +7.5 + a handheld nadir shot.

    If I use my DX (APS-C) body with the Samyang 8mm I use my NN3 and take 8 shots round at -10 + 4 shots round at +45 + a handheld nadir shot.

    For shooting in busy areas before I acquired my FX body I used a Sigma 4.5mm with my APS-C body - 4 shots round at +7.5, but no nadir shot.


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      Hello Gill,

      Just made some experiments with the Samyang 8mm with an APS-C sensor using the R1 for two rows.

      First test with +12.5 and -10 gives a small hole at the zenith and a hole at the nadir which is not much bigger than the head and certainly within the radius of the tripod legs so can be fixed with a handheld shot in the normal way.
      See attached "up" and "down" cube face images.
      4 shots round at each elevation does have enough overlap for Control Point generation, but would not be enough to remove moving objects with the Mask tool in PTGui and could prove a problem for areas with little or no detail, such as blank walls.
      6 shots round gives a much better overlap, but there is still an area in the center of each shot with no horizontal overlap, but having two rows means there is a lot of overlap between the "up" and "down" shots.
      I then tried reversing the camera in the amount and using the -15 setting as +15, but there is still a small hole at the zenith even though is is only about half the size.

      Note that changing the tilt on the R1 rotates the camera and lens about a point below the lens so if your are shooting subjects close to the camera you need to take this into account.

      Hope this helps.


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        You can roll the lens to 63 degrees (sensor diagonal vertical) to increase the angle of view. Take 8 shots around will reduce the zenith. 8 shots around + zenith and nadir will complete the sphere.

        We listen. We try harder.


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          Thank you for the information Nick, but I cannot try this on my R1 as the "click stops" on the Rotator are only for 2, 3, 4 and 6 shots round.
          I did buy it years ago so probably a discontinued model, so it would be useful to know what Rotator you have Gill?


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            You can try 6 shots around. You can patch the zenith with extra shot.
            We listen. We try harder.