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New member here asking about workflow using an M2

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  • New member here asking about workflow using an M2

    I had an early version of a basic Nodal Ninja years ago (2010?) but sold it. I've been shooting basic 360 panos using a Sigma 4.5mm circular fisheye, D7200 on a home made pano head that works fine for single row, four station panos. That's all about to change.

    I have a good client now wanting us to submit large gigapanos. His specs are: D800/20mm prime/seven columns of two rows, shot -40 degrees and +30 degrees. And one straight up which confuses me as to how to add that to a "Align to grid" setup in PT Gui but that's a question for the PT Gui forum.

    He suggests getting a motorized head "to make things go easier and smoother" but it looks more complicated to me, for what I'll be shooting.

    I envision getting an M2 and just doing this manually. After a few it would seem just to be muscle memory: set the rotating base to 6 or 8 station click-stops, manually shoot low then high at each stop, around 360 degrees. Then I guess rotate my camera straight up for one shot. What am I missing?

    I know I will have to eyeball the upper rotator to the degrees I want as I don't think it has any click-stops (if that's the term) which again would seem to be just practice. I know I'll have to get an adapter to be able to mount my D800 to the upper rail. Again, what am I missing or forgetting?

    The goal is to get this down to a few minutes or less per location daytime shooting. Set up and level tripod, camera already mounted on upper rail, set lower rotator to 0 and just get 'er done. Easy, right? Or not?

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    OK, should I be posting these questions in another forum here?


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      for a 20mm focal length any head will do. Nikon 20mm f/2.8D AF

      Field of view (FOV) - horizontal, vertical, diagonal:
      • Full-frame=20mm, HFOV: 84 | VFOV: 62 | DFOV: 94
      • 1.5x=30mm, HFOV: 62 | VFOV: 44 | DFOV: 72

      Number of pictures required for a 360 panorama:
      • Minimum (full-frame): N, 8 images every 45 at -60 pitch, 8 images every 45 at 0 pitch, 8 images every 45 at +60 pitch, Z
      • Minimum (1.5x): N, 10 images every 36 at -45 pitch, 10 images every 36 at 0 pitch, 10 images every 36 at +45 pitch, Z

      with clickballs, it is faster to go from one shot to another. People choose M2 for 200mm+ focal length.
      We listen. We try harder.