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Language files for UI translation.

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  • Language files for UI translation.

    Starting with B_E_01813 FW, there is support for translated UI,

    You can have MECHA with translated UI out from factory,
    if not, or you want to update/change the translation or even make translation of your own,
    please use these files for download (change) and upload in MECHA

    Download the file according with the desired language.
    Unzip the achive using Mecha as password,
    Upload lang.txt in MECHA using mecha.ip/upload with admin credentials and same password, if you didn't change it.

    if UI don't look right use mecha.ip/delang to revert to English,
    Even without reverting, you can still see the English variant appending ?en to web interface like, mecha.ip/ring?en

    - you may use it as start for translation to other language,
    if you're uncomfortable with doing this or find the instructions difficult to follow, please wait,
    chances are that the language you want to be available at some point.


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    I have made a Google sheet with machine translation for many languages.
    I will be grateful if anyone can review the machine translation with manual edit.
    Please download the file, edit and return to
    at gmail
    dot com
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      I already saw a great work made by NN friends in translating the UI of MECHA, which is much appreciated, of course.

      To have a better success in doing this, I'll add here some hints and about the translation as points for your consideration.

      1) Best if you can test the translation, how it looks and behaves on your control devices, either phone or PC.
      2) Use [info] button top-left for additional information about certain control in interface, it helps in understanding better what the control actually does.

      If in doubt, please ask here.

      these 2 points should be enough for personal translated UI, however if you want that your translation to be used and help others there is need for more steps

      3) Pay attention where a translated word appears in UI, and translate it for best result, e.g. a single word or two words, might appear on a button, in order to occupy the less area on control device, thus allowing more controls to be display, best if you can translate 1 word to 1 word best if you can have a shorter variant, not need to be articulated, could be a synonym, in time one word will be easy to recognize instantly than two or three words, even if the later describe better.
      4) the text that appears in info and is of descriptive nature rather than a simple/quick label, worth spending more time to explain better
      5) "Row", "Ring", "Turn" not need to be translated as they are the actual address of the page in UI,
      one will access Ring via mecha.ip/ring,
      6) About Load and Save buttons in UI, the [Load 1..3] and [Save 1..3] are a bit special as they program the actual buttons of MECHA [1] [2] and [3] how they behave,
      One can use MECHA without interface, just pressing, say, button [1] then [<] the translated info about [Save 1] .. [Save 3] should reflect that.
      7) sometimes the translator can override the schematic/arithmetic of the text codes
      e.g. We have these codes
      t059="Do you want to overwrite the button";

      in case of the preset for button 1 WECHA will use
      t059 + 1 + t060 which will result in this "translation" "Do you want to overwrite the button 1 preset"

      in some languages you need to do a simple trick, I'll keep in "English" for better understanding

      t059="Do you want to overwrite the preset of the button";
      t060=" ";
      So you can
      void the t60 to have this "translation" instead "Do you want to overwrite the preset of the button 1"
      which again results from the same
      t059 + 1 + t060

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        I grouped the translation examples in one archive, same Mecha as password,

        it includes ATM

        base - English -

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        2. Mecha it easy.
        3. ..

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