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    Could we expect 1-axis or 2-axis robotics for the NN6 before the end of 2019? I have the NN6 and am in need of automation. If robotics is still more than 3-4 months away i may need to consider a gigapan or panocatcher. I would much prefer a add-on to my current system. Any guidance appreciated. Happy to help beta test!!! mike

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    for single row, yes, we have E2 and P1 coming. Dual axis will need more work in firmware development.
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      Regarding FW, for sure will be dual axis beta testing available before the end of 2019, if will be closed beta internally or open beta, available for purchase foe anyone, I cannot say ATM, but I think there will be the possibility for you to actual test dual axis before the end of 2019, please come back here and any news regarding this will be surely announced in these forums.

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        Welcome to the forum Mike
        I can't speak for Panocatcher but as for Gigapan the Mecha will have very strong advantages and prices at close to half that of the Gigapan which has lost its market appeal.
        On beta testing, this can be very expensive for the manufacturer and the number of field testers will be narrowed down to only a few. Most likely favored will be those who have provided us valued feedback here in the forum. Even though Mecha is out of beta stage we are still encouraging customers to send us feedback and for a limited time still incentivizing purchases with sale prices and freebies.
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          That sounds promising. I will hold off until the end of the year. Yes the Gigapan is quite old in the tooth now and little of the known problems with the unit have been addressed by the manufacturers. The panocatcher is also quite a clunky alternative but It was a product that was in my price range. The Mecha is small compact and lightweight which is appealing and hopefully with the larger version for the NN6 will pack a similar feature set with stronger motors to accommodate the weight. Thanks for the replys