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  • New Mecha-E1 owner

    I am a new Mecha-E1 owner and very excited to begin. I have read and watched a few videos and have a few questions. First I would like you to know I have updated my firmware on the Mecha-E1 to B_E_01377.

    Please read below and thank you in advance for your time and shared experiences

    1. How do I operate the web based menu to create (4) 90 degrees, clockwise turns, using the swipe Nodal Ninja logo? (Saw this on a video)

    2. Is the firmware listed above, B_E_01377, updated enough to begin to practice using my Mecha-E1?

    3. How do I program the Mecha-E1 to rotate 90 degrees, clockwise turns, on my command? One rotation at a time. (My wish is to use NN logo swipe button for this operation)

    My current scope of work for my clients using the R20 and my DSLR, 3 bracketed shots 1 stop; interior and exteriors, 12 shots total. Then stitch my soon to be HDR panos and upload them to our web based platform.

    Again, thank you for your time reading my post!

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    Hi 5464fong,
    Welcome to the forum. We just published today the first edition Quick Reference Guide. Please have a read and if you have any more questions give us a shout back. We would love to hear your feedback.

    Nodal Ninja - "turning heads"


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      You can use the method featured in this video

      Basically after you set the number of shots around and open the gesture mode (top right little icon) ,
      if you swipe to right, MECHA will shoot then rotate one position to right,
      f you swipe up, MECHA will take shoot only without rotating, say, if you want some extra shoots or want to repeat a shoot in that position for whatever reason.

      B_E_01377 is good enough, however is recommended to upgrade to the latest when you have the chance.

      1. Mecha it possible.
      2. Mecha it easy.
      3. ..