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Shooting Time-lapse with the Mecha

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  • Shooting Time-lapse with the Mecha

    The Mecha can also be used for shooting time-lapse photography.
    Here Rosauro Ona shares with us his settings which can be saved as a preset for later use.
    Nodal Ninja - "turning heads"

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    Frankly, the demo may have stressed MECHA E1 by too much. To achieve the resolution of 0.034, a P serious MECHA is needed.
    Over the years I have developed different MECHA rotators with increasing capability to cater for different market positions.
    E1 was positioned as a low end with limited load and resolution. Its single step movement is 0.05
    I see the tripod is likely on a carpet and with people moving nearby. This might have caused vibration of MECHA or movement of tripod legs. This may account for the jerkiness in some part of video.

    E1 and Controller 1 outshine competition with its core feature.
    + compactness.
    + large enough torque to drive mirrorless and entry DSLRs with small lenses.
    + durable for the rated loading.
    + dependable.
    + long battery life.
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