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FW Update Troubles

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  • FW Update Troubles

    If there is something wrong after FW update, please post here before taking any actions.

    e.g. Wi-Fi reset isn't always good as Mecha can be recovered through Internet, so changing the way it successful connected to Internet to start the update could cut the way to recover it back easily.

    Wi-Fi reset is a way and should be used only after a simple try to perform the update again is done, which mean the same Wi-Fi network needs to be ON,

    However, If the unit shows - = - = - = at start, pressing [2] for 3 seconds can help to re-connect to the last Wi-Fi in case of somehow Mecha's own Wi-Fi was turned OFF

    One important info to know is if the unit remain ON or turn itself OFF.

    I'll guide you more depending upon the case and symptoms.

    Mecha it possible.

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    Starting with B_E_01357 the time LEDs shows "downloading" - an animated sequence down - when FW updates, is extended
    FW updates will appear to take a bit longer or like twice as much if done from older FW.

    Please don't power down Mecha from power button while LEDs shows "downloading".
    This can happen after powering up if FW update is performed or if you reset the Wi-Fi settings,

    the "downloading" sequence is shown for short period of time when it checks if there is FW update or possible
    or when you save some preset for buttons, but that takes only 1-2 seconds.

    Mecha it possible.