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MECHA - Feature Wish-lists and Suggestions

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  • MECHA - Feature Wish-lists and Suggestions

    It seems that I deleted previous post by mistake. My apology.
    Here is a summary of Feature Wish-lists and Suggestions.

    MECHA - Feature Wish-lists and Suggestions
    1. "Pause / Resume" Button
    2. shutter switch duration adjustable to support continuous bracketed shots.
    3. camera wake up delay at beginning of pano
    4. preset execution delay when using a button
    5. post move delay to damp vibration esp on pole.
    6. exposure bracketing shutter delay to support - 0 + / + 0 - orders.
    7. Shutter release confirmation
    8. Execution of preset by wired or wireless remote switch
    9. "Help" page
    10. Customizable UI with user defined functions / buttons
    11. IR remote control from Fanotec
    12. Gesture mode menu giving shooter set-up options
    13. Add an API or Add support for camera control via WiFi.
      It would be useful to have an API available to control the mecha via WiFi or have the Mecha able to control a camera via WiFi. This would enable use of cameras that don't support remote control via USB or IR but do support control via a WiFi API.
    14. Gesture mode top menu with 1 button to start full sequence + number of shots taken number of shots left (ie 3 of 4). Button to accurate single shutter release.
    15. Adding a “Home” button that allows the camera to return to 0 position at any point after stopping the rotation.
      A set “Home” button that allows user to set and store the 0 position.
      A “go to “ position button that allows to input a degree position numerically.
      A “step” buttons they allow user to move the rotator by 1 degree increments in either direction for precise alignment of 0 point.
    16. Have buttons to move MECHA continuously and stop at a position by pressing a button. This will make initial positioning easy.
    17. Show battery level at the web interface.
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    We listen. We try harder.

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    A few minor requests from an iPhone user::

    Please add an iOS Home Screen Icon.... Yes it can be the Nodal Ninja logo :)
    Please also add a fullscreen code, so the Home Screen button will launch the webapp fullscreen. | 360˚imagery


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      This should work. Let me know if not.
      We listen. We try harder.


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        It does work. What I was referring to is that when you currently add it as an app button to iOS, the app icon is blank. Additionally, by adding the correct meta tag, we could launch the web interface fullscreen from that app button. | 360˚imagery


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          I understand what you suggested, Thank you, was noted.

          BTW, all the good suggestions will be implemented at some point in time, if possible, some are already in work but not visible yet, for some just need a bit of time to sync with other features, that require some time from my part to make the room and adjustments the code and to see if is possible, also this time can be useful for users to discover, explore and master the current features.

          Mecha it possible.