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Speed and load level settings for Ring mode?

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  • Speed and load level settings for Ring mode?

    In Row mode i can determine the load type and speed settings. Also i can save these settings to use on the three buttons for loading in the interface or usage on the Mecha. Gong back into Ring mode loading one of the three Presets seem to work but the speed settings are different.

    In Row mode i saved for button (1): 4x90, for button (2): 5x72 and for button (3): 6x60 with decreasing speed settings.

    In Ring mode i could load these settings but speed seems to be ignored and all the patterns moved with a value i can't change.

    Please tell me if the three Presets are different for Ring and Row or whose parameters of these Presets. Why? When starting the Mecha offline or without the interface and use the buttons: Which Programs will be loaded then? Ring or Row?

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    You can use Ring or Row depending on how much control do you want to have.
    [Save 1] .. [Save 3] will save the current settings as presets for button [1]..[3] from the page you click on them.
    Until you have more experience is good to test the movement before you save it as preset for a button.

    You can load a preset saved in Ring to Row and vice-versa then use it or change it and save it if you want and such overwriting an old preset for a button.

    In short, Mecha has 3 numeric buttons and you can store only 3 presets, you can use any page you find the level of control suits you.
    In Ring speed is fixed to 9.5 RPM and load is equivalent with "Medium" from Row

    [Save] and [Load], without numbers, saves and loads the default settings for current page, to be selected when you open that page in interface.
    The buttons presets aren't affected.

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