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Mecha Web Interface Explained using Tooltip

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  • Mecha Web Interface Explained using Tooltip

    Mecha firmware is under active development and subject to change.
    To help users get the most out of MECHA, I made a quick "help" using tooltips.
    I captured the interface in pdf format with sticky note comment.
    Notes hidden.
    Notes shown for use on desktop.

    About Ring Mode and Row Mode
    Ring mode is for use with fisheye lenses and preferably with Nodal Ninja Lens Rings. :-) It contains a subset of controls from Row mode.
    With fewer choices, chance of mistake is also reduced.
    Row mode has all the settings available.
    Note that in each mode, there is a toggle switch for different levels of interface details.
    There is also a Turn Mode for turntable application under development. It has more low speed options.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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    Animated gif made by Nick

    1. Mecha it possible.
    2. Mecha it easy.
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