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Accessing the Web Control Interface of MECHA

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  • Accessing the Web Control Interface of MECHA

    The way MECHA can be accessed depends on its network mode, whether it is in access point mode or station mode.
    Click image for larger version

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Name:	Sta Mode.png
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    MECHA in Access Point (AP) Mode
    It creates a wireless local area network (WLAN), allowing a max of 5 Wi-Fi devices (stations) to connect to it. This is the default out of box mode for MECHA.

    Network Name (SSID): MECHA-XXXXXX
    where XXXXXX are last 6 digits of its MAC address.
    Password: 12345678

    Upon connection to the network, user can access the web control interface by typing in web browser address bar.

    Tip: User can add to Home Screen on any smartphone or tablet

    Note: The connected devices will lose internet connection with MECHA in AP mode.

    To force MECHA in AP mode (when it was previously in station mode), during MECHA powering up, when LEDs show - = - = - = - = splitting lights, press button [1] for 3 seconds.

    MECHA in Station Mode
    It connects to a Wi-Fi network established by an access point (AP) or a Wi-Fi hotspot (which has internet access). Other devices (stations) in the same network can connect to MECHA by using its IP. Since the hotspot provides the internet access, all the connected stations maintain internet access. This is the recommended mode when the controlling device needs internet access.
    In this mode, MECHA can also connect to firmware server for updates, download tools or images to enhance the web control interface. It can even be controlled by a remote client over the internet for advanced applications.
    Modern mobile and desktop operating systems allow creating a Wi-Fi hotspot with customizable network name (SSID) and password. There are also third party applications supporting older systems. Refer to specific operating system for the procedure of Wi-Fi sharing. Search internet for "Creating Wi-Fi Hotspot" or "Wi-Fi Sharing" for your device or system.
    To enter station mode, use "Connect to Wi-Fi" button at the lower left corner of "IP/ring" or "IP/row" page. IP is in AP mode. It will be different if MECHA is already in station mode. Also use this button to change the Wi-Fi network which MECHA should switch to.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	connect to wifi.png Views:	2 Size:	59.2 KB ID:	29300
    Enter network name (SSID) and password. Note they are case sensitive. MECHA will save these network credentials and scan for the network (green LEDs running up and down). It will connect to the network if SSID is available and password matches. It will revert to AP mode if connection fails.
    In Station mode, MECHA's IP is given by AP/hotspot and varies by AP/hotspot manufacturers.
    Note: MECHA can no longer be reached at IP in station mode.
    Standalone AP/hotspots usually have an "Admin Page", which contains details of the connected devices, including device names, their IPs and MAC addresses. MECHA may be shown as MECHA-XXXXXX, where XXXXXX are last 6 digits of its MAC address. If the device name is not shown, it can be recognized by the last 6 digits of its MAC address, which are same as network name in AP mode.
    Some hotspot sharing applications can also show these details.

    If this info is not available, MECHA can reveal its IP by using its LEDs. Standalone AP/hotspot usually assigns IP of 192.168.1.x or 192.168.0.x, (depending on manufacturer) to a connected device, where x can be 2-254.
    Android hotspot/Wi-Fi tethering usually assigns IP of 192.168.43.x to a connected device, where x can be 2-254.
    iPhone/iPad hotspot/Wi-Fi tethering usually assigns IP of 172.20.10.x, where x can be 2-14.

    Knowing the first 3 parts of network IP address, it suffices to know the last part (the x) of the IP. This saves lots of time in decoding the LEDs symbols.

    In firmware B_E_01325 and later, IP of MECHA can be displayed using the onboard LEDs. Each column is an LED combination or a symbol and corresponds to a code underneath.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	LED Codes.png
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    Each digit is shown for 3 seconds. After the complete IP address is shown, MECHA automatically exits from IP address display.

    To show the entire IP address (after it connects to a network) on LED like "", enter code 323 using Mecha's buttons [3][2][3][<].
    To show the last part of IP address starting with dot, like ".100", enter code 321 using MECHA's buttons [3][2][1][<].
    The LEDs will show and repeat the codes entered before pressing any one of buttons [<], [>] or [P], where [P] is the power button.
    eg for code 323 entered, 3 green LEDs light up briefly, followed by 2 green LEDs and then 3 green LEDs. The sequence then repeats itself indefinitely. In case of mistake, press [P] to cancel and re-enter the codes.
    If "AAA" is shown, MECHA is in AP mode and the IP address is
    If "!!!" is shown, Wi-Fi is OFF.
    If either ".0" or "" is shown, MECHA isn't in AP mode nor have an IP assigned.
    Record the IP of MECHA. Re-enter the code to show IP again if needed.
    Press [P] briefly to end the display of IP address quickly.
    Type the IP in web browser address bar to access the web control interface.

    On the next power up, MECHA will try to connect the network saved in memory. If network is not available, it will waste some time in scanning for the network. It will revert to AP mode if it fails to connect to the network in a specified time. To bypass the scanner and go directly to AP mode, press button [1] for 3 seconds when LEDs show - = - = - = - =- = - = splitting lights.

    To connect to a new network, open the web control interface, click "Connect to Wi-Fi" and enter new network name (SSID) and password.
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    Currently i'm playing around with the Mecha mostly at home it is configured to connect to my router at home. Today used it at my office in AP mode with pressing (1) at the -=-=-=-= sequence. Everything fine so far.

    Again at home tonight i expected to press (2) at the -=-=-=-= sequence to launch in STA-mode but it went into AP mode instead. Wouldn't it be better if (2) leads to the STA-mode?

    To connect to my router now i had to disconnect my phone from my router, connect to the Mecha, then re-enter the Wi-Fi-Connection-details (the fields were empty, why not saved?), then disconnect the phone from Mecha, connect to my router again and open the different IP. How complicated!

    Please save the entered Wi-Fi connection details (SSID and Password) and make STA-mode available from button (2). This way is really annoying...


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      You don't need to press [1] at the office.

      Once MECHA is configured to connect to home Wi-Fi it will connect to it automatically when is around.
      At the office or anywhere else not at home, as it cannot connect to home router it will enter in AP mode without pressing any button,
      So on field / at office, you connect to AP then you can have it connected back to home router when at home again.
      No need to press any buttons at home nor at office.

      It is automatic, what puzzled MECHA was the fact you pressed AP mode and, ATM, that forces it to forget the Home router, as you can do it for this reason.

      Will be a more complex setting in the future regarding Wi-Fi with preferred networks and such.
      No estimation of when, yet.

      Mecha it possible.


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        It seems to be an issue some times, regarding connection, probably caused by dual AP+STA mode.

        So I have to recommend still pressing [1] for AP mode, it will forget the router but ATM it seems to provide the most solid connection.
        Then again from AP to connect to home Wi-Fi from interface.

        I'll try to make this more easier.

        Mecha it possible.


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          Wasn't pressing (3) forgot all settings and boot into M-123ABC-mode? Why must booting into AP-mode forgot anything? Will this be adressed in future firmware updates?


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            The issue is addressed in B_E_01336. After some tests, FW will be published, that will be today.

            Mecha it possible.


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              I have firmware B_E_01321. I can connect my Android phone without issue, but have not been able to upgrade firmware.

              Nothing happens when I try to connect in Station Mode other than the green lights on Mecha blinking (after I click on connect to wi-fi, enter SSID and pw).

              I tried the instructions on this page ( to create wifi hotspot, but couldn't get that working. I've never created a wifi hotspot, so not sure how to do that.

              Should I click "add network" in Android settings, under wifi? Or click on Mobile hotspot and tethering in Android settings? I tried adding network, with M-269AB1 (my unit), but that didn't work. Wasn't sure if I should use WEP or WPA, etc. security.


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                If you can't connect to a Wi-Fi AP or Hotspot, your password or SSID may contain special character (a bug fixed in later firmware).
                Try creating a SSID and PW without any special character.
                Search "android hotspot" in Google, find one guide that match with your phone.
                Also use this as a troubleshooting method.
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                  Thanks for the reply.

                  I've tried connecting via Station Mode with MECHA-269AB1 (my unit number) and MECHA269B1 (without hyphen), with pw 12345678. Is that correct?

                  I looked up connecting to hotspots for my phone, and it turns out that I don't have hotspot access in my current plan.

                  Any suggestions? Thanks for sending that troubleshooting link, though I did see that (I mentioned it in my previous post).


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                    pw 12345678 is correct.

                    As Nick mentioned, there is a bug in the FW you currently running regarding password with special characters like &. Is corrected now but you need to update first. For that purpose connecting to Wi-Fi with a simple password has a better chances of success. Depending on your network setup, maybe you can set a temporary password on your router, or set up a hot-spot on your PC/MAC .

                    Mecha it possible.


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                      You are trying to connect to Mecha itself. This will not work. MECHA-269AB1 is the network name of Mecha in AP mode. Once it switch to Station mode, the network is also gone.
                      Look at the diagram, you need to connect Mecha to something else which has internet access. This can be wireless router at home, mobile hotspot from phone, wifi sharing from desktop/ laptop using another connection (such as ethernet port) for internet access. wireless router usually have "admin page" for configuring wifi network name and password. If your network does not have special character, Mecha should connect to it without any issue. Otherwise, set network name and password to a new one without any special character like !@#$%+ etc. Note that some router can limit devices access. Only device with known MAC address can connect to it. Disable these feature temporarily.

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                        Thanks for the responses, I was confused by the instructions. But after the recent clarifications I was able to connect with my Macbook and update the firmware, now at: 01337.