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Firmware - current version and changes.

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  • Firmware - current version and changes.

    This post is always updated to last FW version

    This info is also accessible via
    where mecha.ip is the ip address of MECHA.

    In most cases the address will be

    Current codes

    1< or 1> Execute preset 1 to left or to right.
    2< or 2> Execute preset 2 to left or to right.
    3< or 3> Execute preset 3 to left or to right.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	codes.png Views:	3 Size:	2.5 KB ID:	30321

    121< Show Mecha ID.
    123< Show MAC address.
    323< Show Full IP address.
    321< Show Last part of the IP address.
    13< Show Battery percentage.

    {"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tcodes.png Views:\t3 Size:\t2.5 KB ID:\t30315","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"30315","data-size":"custom","height":"214","title":"codes.png", "width":"549"}

    23< Disable/Enable motor. When motor is disabled, the power LED will blink rarely, it blinks also in U.I.
    231< Everything OFF, for fast battery charge. Plug the charger cable then enter the code. Needs power cycle to go back to normal use.

    12321< Backlash compensation calibration.
    123123< Speed calibration. Takes 1 hour!

    32123< Update the firmware, if possible. Mecha needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi with internet access before entering the code.
    It will show "..." if cannot find any update, or "!!!" if is not Internet available for Mecha.

    tip: search for, say, 121< here for more info


    Most input lists, in both Ring and Row, can receive custom values.
    There is no error check, nor range check for the custom values ATM,
    please use this feature with caution.

    Known issues

    The beep at powering up cannot be muted.
    Cannot be shut-down while charging.
    If Wi-Fi is turned OFF, after power ON again, the Wi-Fi will be ON and in AP mode,
    to enter in STA mode is need to press [2] for 3s when - = - = - = after power ON.

    What's new?

    UI translation: The reference "english.txt" file has now the text codes grouped for more visible relation "button label" and "additional info".

    Corrected the English variant of UI.

    Added t201="Sunday"; .. t207="Saturday";
    and t047="x"; fields available for translation.

    UI:Limited the horizontal length of the info box to max 450 px.

    Added t046="info"; t099="Show or hide the info about controls in UI.";
    fields in lang.txt.

    Added t000=" "; field in lang.txt to hold info about the translator of UI in other language.

    /delang command will also restore english.txt in case was changed.

    Addressed an issue regarding progressive "E:" value, when entered as a*b

    Introducing support for translated UI.
    Warning: wrong lang.txt uploaded can render UI non-functional, use /delang command if that happens.
    Please proceed with care or use the files available for download in forum.
    To have UI in different language, download these files: english.txt and lang.txt
    Edit in a simple text editor, change only in the lang.txt the text between " "
    If needed, copy the new 't123="some new added English text";' from english.txt to lang.txt
    but without the leading 'e123=' part.
    Then save it and upload back in MECHA with the same name lang.txt
    Once the translated lang.txt is uploaded, the UI will show the modified text.
    The English variant is still available if you append ?en to UI page, like /ring?en
    If is need to wipe any translation from MECHA memory, use /delang command.

    There will be a repository with many languages ready-made files in the future, for simple download and upload.

    For French, you can simple use the attached file ,
    1) extract it with "Mecha" password
    2) upload the lang.txt with admin/Mecha credentials or other password you might had set.

    Addressed an issue regarding the change of the pooling interval from @0.5s.
    Made [S2] level of details in UI as default, for a simpler first look of the UI.
    Added [More or less..] button, bottom-right, for more or less settings, depending on [S1]..[A3] level in use.

    Improved the info text and the Live NPP instructions. Here is the guide for using Live NPP feature.

    Addressed an issue regarding "A" delay being ignored when E:0

    The delays have now 4 selection lists for W: Wake, B: Before, E: Exposure and A: After
    Addressed some issues regarding save of the default settings in "Ring" page
    Addressed an issue which causes asking for custom values when open the "Turn" page.

    Addressed an issue regarding Go To button in Ring page.

    U.I. the [Info] button will show/hide some labels under the buttons in U.I., while the page title will launch this "What's new" page.
    On mouse equipped devices the info will hover over the buttons

    Addressed an issue regarding Auto Power OFF delay when running presets from buttons.

    Addressed an issue regarding "A" delay with negative value.

    If "After" delay, in W,B,E,A is a negative value, that delay will be after each exposure/shutter trigger in set.

    Added shutter confirmation feedback on LEDs, the first and last LED will be ON ("0" in symbol table above)
    if the shutter confirmation was received from camera.
    Is need for the PC-sync cable to be connected from AUX port to sync port or adapter of camera.
    To test, please set the shutter time on camera to at least 1/10 or longer then press the shutter button of camera.
    If LEDs don't light up please check if there is a camera setting to set sync signal and change it to be long or to cover the entire exposure.

    Tip: To test only the cable, connect it to AUX port, then short the sync connector with a metallic screwdriver or a paper clip.

    Added shutter confirmation delay. If the exposure pause is at least 0.25 s, the pause will be extended if there is shutter open signal comming from camera.
    An additional cable from camera connected to AUX port of Mecha is required.

    Removed the automatic update at start except when the unit is reset with [3] 3s at -=-=-=-=
    and hot-spot or Wi-Fi with name "M-XXXXXX" and password "12345678" exists.
    To update the firmware manually please use:
    [Update] button in top-right of this page or enter 32123< using Mecha's buttons.
    An update will be performed if possible and Mecha will restart.
    If Mecha isn't connected to Wi-Fi or there is no update available or the update server cannot be accessed nothing will happen, but at the very next start, Mecha will try once more to update.

    Removed the "Loud+" level introduced in B_E_01367.

    Increased the level for quiet beeps in U.I. from 1 to 3
    The old level can be used by entering custom value "1" at BEEP if needed.

    Added code 231< to turn OFF everything for faster battery charge.
    First please plug the charger cable, then enter this code.
    Press [p] to show/hide battery level on LEDs when charging.
    If is no power on charging cable, the code will be ignored.
    If code is executed, the LEDs will show charging then the cable needs to be unplugged and
    Mecha needs to be power-up again to be used normally.
    Pressing other buttons than [p] will have no effect.

    Added LED display of motor steps in progress, in 1..5 fashion, during the backlash compensation calibration procedure.

    Added following codes:
    12321< for backlash compensation calibration.
    After the code is entered, Mecha will turn slowly to right, then power LED will start flashing.
    After that, is need to press [p] (power button) when you see/feel the Mecha starts moving very slightly to left
    You can use the viewfinder, LIVE view with zoom, other devices attached like a laser pointer, so on..
    or simply feel by hand when that small movement begins.

    A tip from an old photographer ;)
    If you have R1 with camera in portrait with grip up and no Live view and need to look through viewfinder to see when the small movement begin,
    you can look with left eye, and so is no need to close the right eye.
    if the camera is with grip down you can look with the right eye, no need to close the left one.
    This will make the process more bearable.

    At the end, the LEDs will show, say, ":24" where 24 is the new calibration factor, is around this value.
    You can repeat the code if you want to do it better or have more precise ways to determine the small movement.
    You can cancel the procedure with any other button when [p] flashing, or press power button right after it starts flasing to have no compensation at all or it will time-out in 5 minutes if no buttons are pressed.
    In the (far) future might be a simple add on to be attached to AUX port to do this completely automatic.

    123123< for speed calibration
    The procedure takes 1 hour and is silent, the motor isn't moving.
    Please wait until Mecha turns OFF automatically, and don't use it from web interface.
    This is need to be done only once and can be ignored, as default factory calibration is good.
    This cannot be canceled once started.

    Both codes can be used only if you think are necessary for your application.
    The procedures will be available from web interface as well, at some point in time.
    Both procedures save the results automatically.

    Speed calibration is for, say, 6 RPM set in interface to be close to the computed 6 RPM,
    It can be ignored, as from factory the speed calibration is good enough, deviations are small.


    Backlash compensation is to compensate the backlash of the gear assembly, to have better precision for left - right moves,
    like rewind to initial position, for cable protection or in case of partial panoramas and time-lapse.
    Is good if it can be done, maybe after long period of time, after gear wears, to be re-done,

    I believe, first batch were sent without compensation, as this procedure was WIP,
    You can know if there is compensation set if at start if you can hear or see some small movement left-right.

    If is no movement at start then compensation is 0, or not set.

    Addressed an issue regarding battery percent in U.I. not being updated during repeat delays.

    If started by charger, Mecha will consume less power until the first move
    This will charge the battery faster if was plugged in only for charging.

    U.I. Replaced the symbol for motor disabled by code 23<

    Added code 23< to disable or enable the motor.
    [Reboot] command from U.I. will be ignored if the motor is disabled.
    When motor is disabled, the power LED will blink rarely
    and in UI "(o)" will be shown in top, for now..
    This is useful to prevent Mecha turning by accident while charging,
    kids protection, or to simulate the use for learning purpose, saves energy and the battery can be charged faster.
    There are other applications, not listed here, to save space.

    U.I. Added a simple [info] button top-left, ATM only as link to /new page, in future it will link to a better suited help.
    Moved the [E1] rotator selector next to pooling interval selector.

    Extended the time LEDs shows "downloading" - an animated sequence down - when FW updates.
    Please don't power down Mecha from power button while LEDs shows "downloading".
    FW updates will appear to take a bit longer.

    Addressed the logo didn't hide on repeat and on other situations.

    Addressed battery percentage fluctuations.

    U.I. Swapped A1 and A2 states.
    Added code 13 to show the battery percentage as digits on LEDs
    All codes are:
    13< Battery percentage.
    121< Mecha ID.
    123< MAC address.
    323< full IP address.
    321< last part of the IP address.

    Adjustment in calculation of the battery percentage shown in U.I.

    U.I. Moved battery level on top-right to be visible always.
    Changed U.I. states to selection list for easy access, labelled as:
    S1..3 for the simple settings.
    A1..3 for the advanced settings.

    U.I. Added a simple battery level percentage.
    It shows from 100%, when is fully charged, to 0%, when it will shut-down.
    The numeric values will be better calibrate later.
    Extended button (4) top-left up to 8 states, some of which will hide the slider.
    Changed "What's New" page from ip/_new to ip/new , both will work, however.

    Addressed some issues regarding the text guidance for custom values.

    If "Before" delay is a negative value, up to 2 seconds from it will be used for MLU for each photo.

    U.I: When select a custom value for enter, some guidance about what kind of value and format is expected will be shown.

    The "Wake" delay will be ignored if less than 1 minute passed from last Shutter/AF command.
    Wake delay can be forced if is a negative value. This is useful is need for a delay before the pano starts
    e.g. is need for some time to hide or go out from the room/selfies/etc.
    so -30,1,2,3 will mean 30 seconds delay before pano starts regardless of when the last command was sent.
    See more in the B_E_01340 description.

    The diagonal gestures uses the current speed setting.
    The gestures are now these:
    1) to left = move one position to left, with current speed settings.
    2) to right = move one position to right -\\-
    3) to up = SHOOT with current shooting settings.
    5) L down left, and keep tap = slowly move to left continuously.
    6) L down left large base, and keep tap = move to left continuously with increased speed.
    7) L down right -\\-
    8) L down right large base -\\-
    9) to diagonal down left, and keep tap = move to left continuously with current speed.
    10) to diagonal down right, and keep tap = move to right continuously with current speed.
    The direction and speed can be changed smoothly without lifting the finger.

    The gestures are meant to be used without looking at phone, please exercise first and use only after you mastered them.
    You can switch to/from gesture mode by tapping on the little hand, top-right.

    Fixed the slider doesn't represent values over 360 and under -360 properly.
    Addressed the Shutter opto. not closing enough time for bracketing in some situations
    Restricted decimal digits to .12 for the computed degree interval.

    Added [Repeat] option for time lapse panoramas and photos, the value after a panorama is repeated is in seconds ATM.
    The multiplication factor sets how many times the sequence is repeated
    Estimation time do not include the repeated panoramas ATM.

    Extended delay/pause to custom option made from 4 values W,B,E,A
    W - Wake - is the pause before the whole sequence starts Mecha also sends a wake-up signal to camera at start of that pause
    B - Before - is the pause before each bracketing sequence or set of photos
    E - Exposure - is the period in which Shutter opto is closed
    A - After - is the delay after each bracketing sequence
    e.g. 3,1,0.5,2 mean:
    3 = a wake up signal and a delay of 3 seconds after a preset is start and before any photo is taken,
    1 = 1 second delay before each set of photos.
    0.5 = 0.5 seconds exposure delay and
    2 = 2 seconds pause after the set.
    "E" accepts multiplication factor like e.g. 2*0.5 which means, after each photo, the "E" delay is doubled.
    so if the above is written as 3,1,2*0.5,2 the difference will be the exposure delay doubled from 0.5, to 1 then 2 in case of a set of 3 photos.
    ,,3, or ,,3 is equivalent with 0,0,3,0 for W,B,E,A

    Addressed an issue causing [Stop], [Cancel] or [P] button not ending the current set of exposures in progress.
    Increased the limit of photos in a set from 255 to 32K.
    Useful for time-lapse or intervalometter photos.

    Improved estimation for end time for a sequence or pano.
    The estimation will appear under the clock, after 1-2 movements.
    Useful for larger number of shots.

    Pressing [Power] button after a sequence or preset is started, will stop the sequence, the same as [Stop] from the UI does.

    Addressed some issues regarding AP and STA mode.
    The same rules remains at -=-=-=-=
    1) press [1] for 3 seconds -> AP mode with address for interface.
    2) press [2] for 3 seconds -> STA mode and will try 1 minute to connect to last Wi-Fi, if doesn't succeeds, it reverts to AP mode.
    3) press [3] for 3 seconds -> Wi-Fi reset then will try to connect to M-123ABC if is available and perform an update if is available, or AP mode if M-123ABC isn't available (123ABC is MECHA's ID)
    4) no button pressed -> will try enter in last mode or AP.
    5) press [>] short -> the same as (4) but without waiting for -=-=-=-= to finish, for quick use of MECHA
    6) press [<] for 3 seconds -> Wi-Fi turns OFF. Will be ON when MECHA is powered again.

    Addressed some issue regarding re-directing to /_new page.

    Increased wake-up camera pulse to 500 ms.

    UI: If an update is performed, the interface will open /_new page.
    This will prevent old interface to run on new FW. e.g. in case of UI changes.

    UI: Added custom value as option for BEEP.
    The value should be in range from 0 to 255.
    As reference, Loud Beeps = 128, Quiet Beeps = 1, No Beeps = 0.

    UI: increased custom values limit to 10 characters.
    Fixed [>] button behavior in case of non-existent multi-digit preset.
    Added MECHA ID and MAC display on LEDs codes
    If code 121< is entered using MECHA's buttons [1][2][1][<]
    MECHA ID is displayed like '123ABC'
    If code 123< is entered using MECHA's buttons [1][2][3][<]
    the entire MAC address is shown on LEDs like '123ABC123ABC'
    The conventions for symbols on LEDs are as same as for IP address, listed below.

    UI: Custom *AF values can be entered, the rule is:
    positive values mean AF and negative values mean *AF, both are in ms.
    *AF means the auto focus of first image is used and kept during the capture of image sequence. Think of AF lock.

    UI: Corrected '*AF 500 ms' and '*AF 1 s'
    to differ from regular 'AF 500 ms' and 'AF 1 s'.

    Addressed the rewind issue for sequences from web interface.
    Changed the direction of arrow buttons to match camera view.

    Addressed the logo not becoming hidden when adjusting the slider.

    Addressed an issue regarding special symbols in password.

    Added display of the IP address on LEDs.
    Increased the time one digit is shown on LED for IP, to 3 sec.
    To avoid confusion, the IP address is shown only once then it automatically exits from IP address display.
    If code 323< is entered using MECHA's buttons [3][2][3][<]
    the entire IP address is shown on LED like ''
    If code 321< is entered using MECHA's buttons [3][2][1][<]
    only the last number of IP address is shown on LED starting with dot, like '.100'
    If 'AAA' is shown, MECHA is in AP mode and the IP address is
    If '!!!' is shown, Wi-Fi is OFF.
    If either '.0' or '' is shown, MECHA isn't in AP mode nor have an IP assigned.
    In which case, a re-start, then [1] pressed 3 second at -=-=-=
    will enable AP mode and will allow to access the web interface through
    The conventions for symbols on LEDs are as follows:

    Press [>] or Power button to end the display of IP address quickly.

    This is first update after January release of MECHA.
    The interface is under active improvement and User Guide is under development. Thanks for your patience.
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    B_E_01331 is published.
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      B_E_01332 is published.
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        B_E_01333 is published.
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          B_E_01334 is published.
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          2. Mecha it easy.
          3. ..

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            B_E_01335 is published.
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            2. Mecha it easy.
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              B_E_01336 is published.
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                Thank you for the B_E_01336 update. FYI, I think there is a typo in the IP address of the mecha in AP mode?


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                  Fixed here, thank you for reporting, will be a fix in next FW's info as well
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                    B_E_01337 is published.
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                      B_E_01338 is published.
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                      2. Mecha it easy.
                      3. ..

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                        B_E_01339 is published.
                        1. Mecha it possible.
                        2. Mecha it easy.
                        3. ..

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                          B_E_01340 is published.

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                            Originally posted by DorinDXN View Post
                            B_E_01340 is published.
                            Hey Dorin - can you announce what changes in each update. If minor, some might opt out - thx
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                              Hello Bill,

                              Is always announced on top of the thread here.
                              Please see the first post.

                              with respect,
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