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How to update the firmware

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  • How to update the firmware

    by Nick Fan:

    MECHA firmware update is set to be automatic. Once connected to internet, it will check with server, download any new firmware, install it and reboot. It will give a series of LED sequence and beeps after successful firmware update.

    Refer to the procedure on connecting MECHA to a Wi-Fi hotspot in station mode. Visit this guide:
    Accessing the Web Control Interface of MECHA

    Troubleshooting Firmware Update
    If MECHA fails to connect to other hotspots, create a Wi-Fi hotspot as follows:
    Network Name: M-XXXXXX
    Password: 12345678
    where XXXXXX is the last part of MECHA network name, which appears as MECHA-XXXXXX in Wi-Fi network list when MECHA is first turned on. Record it if needed.

    Then start/restart MECHA and press Button [3] for 3 seconds when LEDs show - = - = - = - = splitting lights. MECHA will RESET its Wi-Fi settings to FACTORY DEFAULT and try to connect M-XXXXXX network. With access to internet, it will connect to server, download any new firmware, install it and reboot. It will give a series of LED sequence and beeps after successful firmware update.

    Note that MECHA will try to reconnect to the M-XXXXXX network in station mode and will be assigned a different IP than
    To force MECHA in AP mode, during MECHA reboot, when LEDs show - = - = - = - = splitting lights, press button [1] for 3 seconds.
    Alternatively turn off the M-XXXXXX network, or change its name and password after checking update is successful.

    To check whether update is successful, connect to MECHA. Open the web control interface by typing “” (or its IP in station mode) in web browser address bar, it should bring to “” or (IP/_new). If it doesn't, just paste “” or (IP/_new) in the address bar.
    A recent list of firmware updates will be shown. Current version is B_E_01330.
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    Mecha it possible.


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      Unfortunately - firrmware uppdate is completely confusing for me -
      " explanations " including complicated MAC adresses / network connectivity are too complicated !!
      Also on this page - first post says frimware uppdate is automatic - the other on shows some complicated
      internet sharing setup that is very easy to make errors with .

      I thought I had a good starting point - with cable connected Imac
      ( and I can connect Imac to Mecha - and i'm able to rotate it using
      still - no way to uppdate firmware ? ) to be honest this is what I was afraid of ....

      I'm a photographer not a IP connection technician !


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        OK i was able to update FW- using the video above.
        thanks ( still it would be great with less complicated procedure ) -


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          And BIG thank You that FW version is visible now in the interface!


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            Glad you managed, so many possibilities to connect Mecha to Internet by setting on Mecha or by setting on what one can have access/rights/knowledge to set.
            Always looking and trying to add more ways, to connect, 3-4 ways so far, I guess.

            The update was also covered here


            BTW, I added time to hide in 01346 which is up for update.

            Mecha it possible.


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              Just to want re-post the simplest automatic ways to update FW for a brand new Mecha,

              Method A
              1) Once you accessed in Ring or Row page you only need to
              2) Click on [Connect to Wi-Fi]
              3) Enter your Wi-Fi network name and password.
              4) After LEDs stop scanning up/down, click on [Reboot] and wait 2 minutes without pressing any buttons on Mecha

              after that, if you don't know or want to access the Mecha through your Wi-Fi network you need to do the next step as well

              5) power down Mecha then power it up and when LEDs shows - = - = - = press [3] for 3 seconds

              Step (5) will made Mecha to forget the Wi-Fi you entered and you can access Mecha through its own Wi-Fi at just like in step (1) except Mecha has now the newest FW.
              Step (5) is optional and experienced users can skip it and access the Mecha through the added Wi-Fi and having Mecha always updated.

              Steps (2)..(4) are necessary because Mecha doesn't know your Wi-Fi network and password out from factory but a trick is possible and that is described in the video above:
              Mecha knows from factory to try to connect to a Wi-Fi network with name M-123ABC (where 123ABC is its ID) using password 12345678 (exactly this one) if there is such a Wi-Fi around so that makes possible the Method B

              Method B (shown in the video above)
              1) Create a Wi-Fi with name M-123ABC (where 123ABC is Mecha's ID) and password 12345678 on either your phone or iMac or router, so on..
              2) Power up Mecha and when LEDs shows - = - = - = press [3] for 3 seconds and wait 2-3 minutes after that.
              3) You can turn OFF the Wi-Fi you just created and you can turn it ON only if you want to update the FW again.

              Please ask here or in How To .. ? thread and I'll give some more guidance for a method or another if is needed.

              Mecha it possible.