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problem nodal point nn6 with sigma 8 mm

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    started a topic problem nodal point nn6 with sigma 8 mm

    problem nodal point nn6 with sigma 8 mm

    i got today from a friend the nn6 .
    i try to find the nodal point with my d750 with Sigma 8 mm lens.
    when i get good nodal point i see in the right corner part of the pano head.
    what can i do?
    i would love for some help :-)
    many thanks, nitzan
    i attached here photo with the part inside.

  • Hugh
    This should not be a problem.
    Take enough shots round to get something like 50% overlap (or at least something like 30%) which will give you good Control Point generation and enable you to Mask out the part of the panohead if it is still in the image after it is stitched.
    The chances are that PTGui will leave this out of the stitched image anyway, especially if there is good overlap.

    As your D750 is an FX body you can get sufficient overlap with 4 shots round using a Sigma 8mm lens leaving you plenty of overlap to Mask out the bit of panohead if necessary, but 4 shots round does leave a part in the centre of each image that has no overlap so if I have moving objects such as people and animals moving about, trees being blown in the wind, etc. I take 6 shots round.

    With a Sigma 8mm fisheye I use the gold ring as the NPP as shown near the bottom of:
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