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In Search of the no parallax point on a 15mm lens

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  • RLHazzard
    started a topic In Search of the no parallax point on a 15mm lens

    In Search of the no parallax point on a 15mm lens

    Hi. New user to this forum and panoramic photography. I just received my NN6 recently. I'm using a Tamron 15-30 with a Canon 6D. While searching for my no parallax point at 15mm, I appear to run out of rail just before I hit the point. If I slide it to the 30 mm end, I have some room on the rail, but I had expected to be able to use the lens at it's widest setting. Is there anything I can do to mitigate this?

    I anticipate primarily shooting milky way/astrophotography so the wider the lens the better.

    Technical question: Ideally, we want to be shooting at the no parallax point. That said, can you get away with being off a little bit when shooting with a wide angle vs a normal/telephoto, or not?

  • Jason@NN
    Hello RLHazzard,

    Without being a true technical Milky Way/astrophotographer -- the no parallax point really comes into play when shooting objects at a closer depth of field, say architectural. While the Tamron 15/30 is a decent size lens, combined with the Canon 6D will take up significant room on the upper rail of the NN6 - there are also adjustable stops on the camera plate as well, which would allow for added distance to reach the Nodal in the widest opening.

    With that said, the Parallax Point is a fixed point whether you are shooting a wide angle, or normal telephoto. That point is determined by the set-up that you are using, as it comes up through the center of the tripod, to the end of the "pupil" of the lens.

    Good luck!

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