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NN4 transformation upper rail for work with nikon lens 16/35 F4

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  • NN4 transformation upper rail for work with nikon lens 16/35 F4

    hi ,after looking around nobody have a real solution too get more distance at the end incase because the rail have corner to stop glide .
    i just remove the corner and now i can have more depht for my body .i think with this and the new T set mount we can win 3,5 cm the same at a NN5 if i m not wrong .

    PS yes i will paint it in black soon
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    Hi Nick,

    This is a solution for those "who dare to do it".

    What camera body do you use? On D3 NN5 the URS is 147 for 24-70/f2.8 @zoom 24. So turn around the CP-2 Base Plate, so 1/3 shows to the end/back of the camera. This will help you to keep 2/3 of the plate inside the rail to avoid bending and keep the plate in a "safe place". So I think you do not need a T-Mount. I can't help you with 16-35mm lens because I do not own one.

    Just tell me about the camera body you use and I'll have a look into my database.

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      i have a D600 and D800 when you say 147 is at the start of the plate or at the white line .thank's and the 24/70 is more longer than the 16/35


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        The URS = Upper Rail Setting has to do with entrance pupil of the lens, nothing to do with the length of the lens itself. Ok, that's FX body similar to sensor size of D3. Just try the settings of D3.

        All settings refer to the white mark on the camera plates. Using a Cp-2 Plate, looking at the bottom of the base plate, the white mark divides it by 1/3 to 2/3. By taking the top plate and the base plate into peaces, you can turn the base plate around and remount it to the top plate. For your needs, the shorter end = 1/3 to the white mark must show to the end of the rail = back of camera body. Referring to your pics, you should be able to reach 147 URS without T-Adapter.

        D3 NN5 settings 24-70: zoom settings: 24 = 147, 28 = 142, 35 = 133, 50 = 123, 70 = 122

        I do not own a 16/35. So you have to test it on your own.

        Test with your own equipment.

        BTW: to get an overview about length of upper rails max URS settings with 1/3 of Cp-2 set to the end of rail:

        NN3 130mm URS max 117mm

        NN4 160mm URS max 139mm

        NN5 170mm URS max 149mm
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