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NN3 mk11 with d810

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  • NN3 mk11 with d810

    Can the NN3 mk11 be used with a Nikon d810 and Samyang 8mm?

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    I use an NN3 Mk II with a D800 and Samyang 8mm.
    4 shots round at +7.5 will close the zenith nicely with lots of overlap for Control Point generation, plus a handheld shot to the nadir to complete the sphere.
    If I have a moving subject such as people, clouds, trees blowing in the wind, etc. I take 6 shots round to give a better overlap for using the Mask tool in PTGui.


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      Many thanks Hugh. I bought an unused NN3 II for 50! It arrived today and looks like a bargain.

      I enjoyed your site. Lots of interesting content.


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        Thank you for your kind comments.
        If you have any questions I would be be happy to try and answer them either through the forum or from my contact form.
        You did well to get your NN3 II for that price, I wouldn't let mine go for as little as that.
        The great thing is that Nodal Ninja products are so well built they go on and on.
        Enjoy making 360 panoramas.