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Some advices for a panorama beginner, please

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  • Some advices for a panorama beginner, please

    hello Every one,

    I recently bought a Ninja NN3 MK2 head and i am very excited to begin shooting panoramas ( simple and multi row).

    My gears are M43 system : Olympus EM10 ii and Panasonic G80 with a few lenses : Panasonic Leica 8-18 mm ( Eq 16-36 FF), Pana Leica 15mm ( Eq 30mm), Olympus 25mm ( Eq 50mm) and Pana 42.5mm ( Eq 85 mm)

    I'm using an Manfrotto Befree Tripod.

    I'm willing to do simple and multi row panoramas and long exposures panos with ND filters that i usually use.

    Please share your advices using this tripod as shooting panos.

    Many thanks to you.


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    Hello Vladmir,

    I have used a Manfrotto Befree to shot 360 panoramas with both an R1 + Nikon D800 and a NN3 and found it to be sufficiently stable, but I did use a remote release to avoid any possibility of shake.

    I find the Manfrotto Befree a useful item when travelling, and the panoramas at Lalibela were all taken with a Nikon D800, which is quite a heavy camera, with this tripod.

    Hope this helps, Hugh.


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      Hi Vladimir,
      Welcome to the forum.
      Basically the wider the lens the fewer images you will need to shoot to complete full 360. When you move the focal length from 8 to 12 to 18 etc. you will be required to take more images to complete full 360. The longer the focal length the higher the resolution. The key is to give yourself about 30% overlap between images both horizontally and vertically. Trial and error until you find a workflow that you're comfortable with. Here is a shot calculator that might help.
      Thank you
      Nodal Ninja Panoramic Tripod Heads and VR Solutions
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        Thanks to you Hugh and Bill...I'm really excited to start !