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Idea: Laser Pointer For Handheld Panorama?

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  • Idea: Laser Pointer For Handheld Panorama?

    Can such a product work?

    I keep thinking that instead of a plumb line with a string and weight, a laser pointer (pointing down from the nodal point of the lens) would paint a dot (Or dots) on the ground and the photographer would just look down to make sure the camera nodal point is centered and then fire off a shot?

    Could those laser levels and measuring things provide data to ensure that the camera is at a constant height between shots? (The iPhone already provides a good gyroscope and level---I wish there was a way to incorporate it mounted to a camera.)

    Or perhaps a right angle optical "periscope" looking at the ground could work also.

    Just random thoughts.

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    There are a variety of laser pointers varying in price that can be suspended under your the NPP of your lens and if suspended correctly they would always point vertically downward.
    Some are more powerful than others, but as the distance is short you should be able to see the red (or green) spot on the ground easily.
    If you want to measure height as well then there are a variety of laser distance measurement devices such as the Leica DISTO (e.g D1 - or lower cost alternatives, which could be used instead, but I think you would not find one with a continual readout.
    A laser distancer will measure the height from the device rather than the NPP, but the separation should always be the same.
    For height consistency all you really need is a piece of cord (attached say to to strap ring of the camera) and stand on the end on the ground.
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