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Business virtual tours GSV and real estate. Budget $2600

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  • Business virtual tours GSV and real estate. Budget $2600

    Hey was hoping you guys can help me out. I was given the opportunity to make some high quality virtual tours for businesses that will be put on Google Street View and on their own site. I'm not really sure where to start or the correct things to purchase. I saw that nodal was recommended by Google for DSLR streetview and I'm looking to go high quality.

    I've picked out some parts and was looking for advice from people that have gone through this. I'm not even sure if what I picked out will work. I'm looking for an easy work flow that will have high quality images.

    Sony A6300 $898
    Rokinon 8mm $299
    R20 $159.90
    Lens Ring for 8mm $99.00
    Misphere ?? for quick 360 ? $300.00
    Tripod $100.00
    Sandisk 128gb extreme pro $64.95
    Total $1,921
    I know I need ptgui pro to stitch. Does this do HDR bracketing?

    but stuck on if I need other ones like pano2vr , autopano giga which will be over budget.

    Sidenote..(Be nice to be able to put the business logo looking down)
    ptgui pro $254
    pano2vr pro $368.38
    Autopano $122
    Affinity Photo $50
    Total $794
    Thanks! Any advice and etc I would love
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    Your Sony A6300 has an APS-C sensor so when used with a Rokinon 8mm will need multi-row images rather than the single row you will get with an R20 so if you have not already purchased the R20 I would recommend the NN3.
    PTGui does support HDR bracketing and will detect images taken in a very close time frame.
    I use PTGui to generate my Equirectangular images them Pano2VR to generate my tours.
    Pano2VR will enable you to put your business logo at the nadir either as a "tripod cap" or you can put it as a "hot spot".
    Do you need the Mi Sphere for quick panoramas and does it have the facilities to exclude you from the panorama - e.g. ability to take one side then walk round to take the other, or timer so you can go hide? - I need to investigate this camera some more - I see that you have just 3 seconds to get out of the shot..
    I like to have lots of overlap (e.g. 50%) so I have good Control Point generation a plenty of overlap to use PTGuis "Mask" facility to deal with subjects moving between exposures and would suggest that once you have had a little practice you will be able to take your panoramas quickly and deal with people, leaves, clouds, ect. when processing.
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      thanks yea i decided to go with the canon/sigma combo for less work. but was curious whats the difference from the R20 Complete package and the Google R20 complete packages? One is cheaper than the other by a bit.

      A bit lost on why the Google R20 is more expensive than the regular R20? arent they both the same static 7.5 tilt with the same rotator. They both will cover the zenith/nadir right? or do i have to buy an adapter $269.85 $309.95

      the R1 i understand because that offers offers more functions i assume $329.85