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360 panos in a room full of mirrors

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  • 360 panos in a room full of mirrors

    Hello folks,

    I am new to the forum and to 360 photography. I am a cinematographer as well as an aerial cinematographer. I have a client looking for a virtual tour of their Martial Arts school. I've spent the past 4 weeks learning everything I didn't know I know about this field and obtaining the proper equipment. I think I'm in pretty good shape for this shoot next week with one exception. Each of the rooms in this business have one wall that is covered floor to ceiling with mirrors. Has anyone ever shot in an environment like this? Besides being as strategic as possible with tripod placement and using a remote trigger, I assume PhotoShop will be my best friend and worst enemy on this job. Any other suggestions?

    Brian Quinn

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    Photoshop patching is needed. You can patch the mirror with images you shoot at opposite direction. Content aware patching may work well.
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      Hello Brian,

      I had a similar problem with a flat in London some years ago where many of the rooms had a full mirror on one wall and used the solution as suggested by Nick.
      One thing that helped was to align the camera so the image plane was parallel to the mirror.


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        Hi Brian,

        Yes as others have said Photoshop and use the reverse view.

        Here's the finished panorama in the tour




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          What an Amazing shot Tony! May I ask if you use the fisheye lens or a ”normal” wide angle lens for the reverse shot?

          I just tried to shot in front of a mirror in my basement and I had to use my fisheye lens because of the short distance in the room (I only had a 20 mm wide lens and that wasn’t wide enough). The cons of the fisheye is the fisheye look of the image and I had to transform it quite a bit in PS.

          Here’s my end result, I think it’s OK but if you look closely in the mirror you can see that the image is a bit distorted.

          Link to pano


          **The Lab** Mirror test -#RolandMeijer


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            Wow, I think you have both done a great job!

            RMmeijer, I am not sure that a viewer would detect any distortion in the mirror, and mirrors often distort a little anyway, so unless you really wish to go to the nth degree I think this is a great result.


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              Thanks Hugh! :)


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                Slight stitching error on the right handrails adjacent to the keyboard (but you had to be really looking), other than that I like the work very much. Well done. I hope to do as well some day.