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Nodal Ninja Affiliate Program is back!

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  • Nodal Ninja Affiliate Program is back!

    We are proud to announce our new Nodal Ninja Affiliates program. Our previous affiliate program ended in 2014, due to technical unsupported needed upgrades, but saw some earning in excess of $1,000 month at 10% commission rates.

    We're still fine-tuning the engines so to speak on this newer cloud-based platform which will have much more in the way of tools to help you maximize your earnings.
    We'll begin by offering 3 different campaigns:
    1. 10/10 Affiliate earns 10% and referral earns 10% discount (by way of special affiliate coupon).
    2. 15/5 Affiliate earns 15% and referral earns 5% discount (by way of special affiliate coupon).
    3. 20/0 Affiliate earns 20% and referral earns 0% discount.
    Websites with lower traffic volume will benefit more with the 10/10 or 15/5 campaigns by offering referral discount codes resulting in higher conversions.
    You will have the option to do social networking blasts directly as well.

    Key Features:
    • Fast & easy commission payments through PayPal ($25 increments).
    • Get a unique link that will earn 10%-20% commission from referral purchases.
    • Social blast, blog, or send newsletters about our products and updates for instant cash.
    • Track every sale through your own dashboard.
    • All new affiliates receive $20 in signup bonus - FREE MONEY!*
    • Active affiliates earn 10% discount on all Fanotec products.*
    • Convert earnings into store credit x1.5 ($50 earns $75 in store credit)
      * active and new accounts must show activity in prior 30 days.
    We hope you'll consider joining our new affiliate program. I

    If you have any questions never hesitate to ask.

    Start earning cash today!