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Sony Alpha 6300+Samyang Fisheye.

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  • Sony Alpha 6300+Samyang Fisheye.

    Hi all,

    So I'm sure there are quite a few of you using the amazing combo along with Nodal Ninja's heads and Fanotec's adapters. I run my 360 spheres with 4 shots, and some 27 to 36 stops.
    We've 3D printed a filter holder to allow me to drop a 100mm and a 150mm Breakthrough ND filters (they are crazy sharp and have virtually no color shift, I can't recommend them enough).
    Anyway, I've noticed a problem with my Sony Alpha ILCE-6300, and I would like confirmation from the community. At ISO 100, and Shutter 1/8, I get a nasty Magenta shift in the darks. I have a hard time believing it's specific to my camera, because it's such a specific shutter/ISO combo, and I'd love to see if I'm alone.

    This is a camera specific issue, nothing to do with the Samyang Lens or the Nodal Ninja and Fanotec gear. But since this community shoots HDRs you're more likely to have run into it.

    Easiest way to replicate is to take a bracketed shot: 3 shots, 1 EV apart, ISO 100 shutter 1/8. This will generate 3 images 1/4 1/8 and 1/15. Make sure your aperture is closed enough to really underexpose the image.

    Take those ARWs into Adobe Camera Raw and do a +5 on the exposure of the 3 images. Let me know if your middle image is magenta (illustration attached). I shoot all my HDRs at shutter speeds from 30 seconds to 1/4000, with ISO 100. I looked at series of images dating back to 2016 when I got the camera, and the problem was already there then.

    Anyone else?