Quick Release System (QRS-2) Mounting Instructions

qrc2_a_300The QRS-2 consists of a plate (QRP-2) and a clamp (QRC-2).
The clamp and plate may be purchased together .as the quick release system (QRS-2)
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mount plate with cork side towards camera base


make sure the offset screw in inline with the barrel of the lens


2288b_300 2288c_300

correctly mounted plate


attach clamp to rail slot with lever towards the outside and loosened


2288d_300 2288e_300

attach to rail using camera mounting knob supplied with Nodal Ninja


slide camera with attached plate into clamp


2288f_300 2288g_300

slide until you feel a positive stop - the stop is adjustable if the plate is not centered


tighten clamp securely using lever


2288h_300 2288i_300

loosen camera knob and slide QRS on rail to desired position using white line on clamp base as reference


to detach camera grasp lever and pull out


2288j_300 2288k_304

spring loaded lever will pull out to allow for free rotation


turn lever clockwise while in full out position


2288L_300 2288m_300

let lever drop back into place and turn counterclockwise to loosen further


continue until able to loosen enough to slide camera from plate


The sequence of tightened and loosening is relatively quick once you get the hang of it.

Detailed description:

Fanotec's low profile Quick Release System allows your camera to be taken on and off quickly while maintaining a reproducible position on Nodal Ninja 5 and NN180 (not suggested for us with NN3 due to possible adjustment limitations). Includes clamp item# QRC2 and plate item# QRP2. There is a 15mm slot on the plate. So you can compensate for off-set of 15mm on either side. There are 3 pair of sockets on the clamp, to which a thin rail plate is attached. These pairs are 10mm apart. The rail plate is attached to the center pair by default. By attaching the plate to the other 2 pairs, an off-set of additional 10mm is obtained. So a total of 25mm offset can be easily compensated by the QR2. However, the QR2 is 60mm in width, you can slide the plate out by another 15mm (also supported by the position stop on the clamp) without compromising stability. So there is a total of 40mm. Only a few point and shoot cameras will need this amount of off-set compensation.

QRC2 Clamp:
 The clamp includes an integrated rail plate to allow mounting directly to the Nodal Ninja rail system.
note: the clamp will work with many Manfrotto plates and Gitzo/Giottos plates.
QRP2 Plate:
The plate mounts to the base of your camera. Incorporated into the plate is a 15mm offset for battery grips (as with some Canon Grips) where the tripod mount is not centered with the barrel of the lens.
note: the plate will not fit Manfrotto or Gitzo clamps.

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