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100.) Just received my NN3 in the mail today. What a work of art! The build quality is stupendous. I have owned several units. One as suggested by Apple when they first introduced QTVR, very expensive units from (deleted) and (deleted). Yours is the only unit I found to stay horizontal through the entire 360 degrees. You are to be commended on such a fine piece of photographic hardware. I am thrilled that I ran across it while browsing thru Photo.net. Extremely easy to carry and setup. What else could anyone want. And the price? WOW! Thanks again for such a fine product. I am sure I will enjoy making panos more than ever. (Since I don't have to lug around another bag) Thanks again,
Erol U. USA

99.) Nick, I love this design. I do a lot of travel so size and weight are important considerations for me. For the money your product fits the bill perfectly. Personally I don't using click stops because I shot at so many different focal length so having a ring with 0 clicks is best for my Tamron 18-200 lens. Thank you.
Rodriguez R. Spain (Canon 20D 18-200 Tamron)

98.) Hey Bill, Just wanted to thank you for your support... and I haven't even received the items yet! LOL... I did just order my Nikon D80 today. I know for sure I'll be using the Panoweaver software, it's not the 4.0 to start out with, but actually the 3.01 software. I look forward to receiving NN3 here shortly. Again, Thanks for taking the time to work with me on this... I'm sure to be contacting the forum for long term advise...
Rod P. Payton Colorado

97.) I really appreciate it! I think your product is by far the best on the market when it comes to price/value/usability. I am really glad that your business is going well and I'm grateful that you take care of old customers like me! You can bet that anyone who asks me about panoramic heads is directed your way. I actually get quite a few inquiries about my panoramas and how I made them and Nodal Ninja and PTGUi are the two products I always recommend! Again, thanks so much!
Greg T. Fort Worth Texas (Nikon D200 10.5mm Nikkor)

96.) So far, the new NN3 is working like a charm...Do you know that the gentle vibration transmitted by the detents of NN3 on each click are helpful to keep the sensor of digital camera clean of dust particles by getting them off the sensor?
Dorin G. Romania

95.) Bill: Thanks for the offer to refund the NN3 purchase. The NN3 is actually a great device, it's very compact and great for travelling. The (deleted) is too big and heavy for travelling. I agree that templates are not possible but I am still very happy with the NN3, it does what you claim, so I will keep it, thanks. By the way should anyone ask the Canon 5D and Canon 15mm Fisheye set-up is as follows.
Lower rail - Front edge of the base of the rail at 48mm
Upper Rail - screw-line center at 79.5mm
John S. Canada

94.) You've definitely gained a customer Bill and I got to say that you've got the best customer service I have ever experienced, I will definitely buy from you again without a doubt, the quality of NN3 is absolutely incredible and so is the customer service. Best regards
Arnaud V. UK

93.) Wasn't sure what all the hubbub was about until I decided to buy and try a Nodal Ninja. Nick has developed an excellent product at a very fair price. I do a lot of Real Estate VR work ad like to get in and out quickly. I'll now be selling my (deleted) - no comparison! Thanks Nick and Bill.
Vic. Z. Iowa USA

92.) Received the Nodal Ninja today. First impressions...Really light, Really compact,Very very well made and did I mention really really really light.
Peter O. Ireland

91.) Nice piece of kit. Elegant design, well manufactured, and reasonable price -- a rare combination. Thanks very much.
John R. UK (Canon EOS 20D with EF 24-105L & EFS 10-22)

90.) I just received my new NN3 after it was inspected and released by German custom. The kit is great! Already the first shots turned into panos that I simply was not able to do before...Kind regards
Gerd K. Germany (Canon EOS 300+18-55)

89.) I got the NN3 this morning as a part of my of my deal with Bill Bailey. Man, I am impressed! It weighs like a feather and surprisingly stable for such light weight. I produced first pano in ten minutes after opening the package :-) NN3 will definitely take place in my bag.
Andrey I. Russia


87.) Hi, I've attached a couple of pictures of the 400D and a 10D using a Nikor 10.5 with the T adapter. I was wrong, it does work on the 400D with this lens. Best Regards,
Robert H. USA

86.) Hi Bill, picked my NN3 up Tues morning just gone and was not disappointed in any way at all. It so far looks like everything I could possible want in a panoramic head, lightweight, sturdy and 'cool' looking..I can see this line of work becoming truly addictive with limitless possibilities maybe. Thanks again for what looks like a great product - I'm sure I'll have great fun using it! best regards
Joe B. UK

85.) NN3 is an obvious improvement on an already outstanding bit of engineering. It's light, sturdy, and functional. From the moment it came out of the box, I appreciated the new design and attention to detail. All of the arms move very precisely and hold fast when adjusted. The switchable detent discs and supplied thread adapter are welcome upgrades. It's clearly evident that a lot of thought and likely implementation of customer feedback went into the new design. Beyond the functional changes, it looks good. It seems to have a more refined, almost automotive or architectural style. Thanks again,
Dean F. USA

84.) Perfect and fast delivery. Box received in good order (was marked 'extremely urgent' - always good to feel important :-) The rig is of excellent quality....I immediately installed the 15-degrees index ring. 15-30-45-60 is an excellent range and can be read on the degrees scale (easier than 12-24-36-48. The 20mm extender-T is an essential accessory - it delivers both extra height (necessary for 77mm filter diameter lenses like the 17-40L) and extra depth. Without it it wouldn't be possible to use a 20D or 5D with the 17-40. Thanks for the good service and good luck with the business.
Henk, Netherlands

83.) From what I've seen on the market so far, you have the best product for cost. Simple yet durable, fully functional yet inexpensive... and the portability is the big bonus! Especially for me since I'm a backpacker and usually shoot in VERY remote locations. I don't know why everyone else is asking so much for these convoluted, bulky types of setups... YOU have the RIGHT idea! Realistically, a head like this should not cost more than the camera it's holding. Thank you for selling a product that lets us up and coming "starving artist" types play on a par with all the big shooters.
Jason L. USA (Nikon D70S w/ Tokina AF 19-35mm)

82.) Just a quick note of thanks - the NN3 arrived yesterday all safe and sound. I have to say that the appearance and quality strikes me as being second to none - a bit like your service and support, really! Cheers
Simon N., UK

81.) I was on the summit of Kendall Mtn, 13,066 ft, above Silverton, CO, for sunrise. ~25 deg and enough wind to take down my tripod with ~10# pack hanging from the center. I was ~20 ft away trying to get out of the wind. Luckily NN3 took ALL of the abuse and the $1000 camera and lens were undamaged. Not bad, would you say!!! I was so cold I just packed up everything and ran down the mountain. Thanks
Roger E. Buena Vista, CO

80.) Hey Bill,I just got it today (09/12)! Man, this head is really cool stuff, congratulations! I'll set it up for my camera tomorrow... I guess that shooting panos will be even more fun now. :) The look and feeling of it are even better than I imagined, very well developed and built and absolutely streamlined. Beautiful! I very much appreciate your support, it's awesome! I'd read some very good comments about it on some forum, panoguide I guess, but now I had the chance to go through it myself and I'm very happy about it. Thanks a lot once more,
Eduardo H. Canada

79.) Just got the NN3 and put it together and am now going over the manual. thanks so much for delivering a really well-made product at a great price. Little touches like the 1/4" tripod bush adapter in the base are truly appreciated. best wishes,
Les H. USA

78.) Hi, Bill: I shot 6+2 with the Sigma and PTMac/Emblend cleaned it up nicely. For the first time ever, I can shoot a good zenith!! What a huge difference in my work. Not to mention cutting the weight of my rig in half. I also got a carbon fibre tripod made by Amvona (China knockoff of a Gitzo) from eBay. I'm really happy to have a rig that comes in at just a skosh over 4 kg. I've got the 10.5, I guess now is the time to learn to use it...cheers!
Gary O Charlotte, NC

77.) My NN3 arrived this afternoon. I appreciate how promptly I received it and I am extremely impressed with its build quality.
George L. USA (Nikon D70)

76.) Hello Bill, thank you very much for producing and sending the NN3. A lot of work must have flown into this excellent product. It is really great. I just received it yesterday and like it alot. It is way better than another panoramic head I used before - more sturdy, smaller, more professional. Take care
Chris G. NY, NY

75.) The Nodal Ninja arrived this afternoon, Bill. I hooked it up to my Konica Minolta 7d with an 85mm lens and it worked beautifully. Thanks so much for the extra effort in getting it to me. I hope to add to your testimonials page in a couple of weeks. Should anyone from Mexico ask for the Nodal Ninja, you can tell them that the only additional charge was $310 pesos (about US $30) at customs. Thanks again. I am very pleased.
Dennis H. Mexico City, Mexico

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74.) Hi guys, First of all wanted to say congratulations for this wonderful product, you have demonstrated clearly that a top notch product can be produced and sold a t a reasonable price. Great job!!!
Gus R. USA (Nikon D70 - 18-70 kit lens)

73.) Somehow, the USPS got the package to me already. You've made some very nice improvements here - the NN3 looks great. Lighter but seemingly stiffer locks, chunkier detent stops, 3/8 mount, longer smoother arm action. Nice work. Best of luck.
Ryan T. USA

72.) I have the Nodal Ninja SPH-2L and have been very happy with the purchase. First rate support for a first rate product. No need to spend hundreds more when the Nodal Ninja will do all you need! Awesome product!
Richatd C. USA

71.) Bill, ...I really appreciate the personalized service that you provide. I'm always one to support a small business venture. That's particularly true when the product is good and fills a genuine need, like yours.... This feels almost like the corner family hardware store where I grew up. It was all about the service. They might not have everything right now, but they could get it. And, they wouldn't sell it to you if they didn't think it was exactly what you needed. Thanks again,
Dean F. USA

70.) The line of Ninja Pano heads has steadily improved over a very short period . The Ninja 2 was fully workable and made excellent panos. The ninja three which is still new to me. has hugely improved engineering, and is both nice to look at, but more important is excellent to use. This young company is in a constant state of product development, and I look forward to seeing their next offerings. I think what people will be impressed by most is the standard of customer service. Regards
Terry A. Saddleworth UK

69.) HI Bill,..This is a damn fine device. I absolutely love it!... thanks again and I'd be more than happy to lend you a satisifed customer quote!
David L. Big Bend Oregon

68.) My Canon 350D has the RRS L-Bracket that works in landscape camera orientation without dismantling the NN3. I'd recommend the L-Bracket (N3T30) big time! Overall I'm very impressed with the workmanship, concept and quality of the NN3. Don't know how you can sell it so inexpensively!
John V. PanoGuide.com forum

67.) NN3 is perfect for me. Its lightweight and supports my D200 perfectly. Bill has been super quick and goes out his way to answer my questions. There is no other product that comes close to the value for dollar spent. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Charles H. USA (Nikon D200)

66.) RE: Nodal Ninja version#3 Excellent value for the money - no doubt the best in the market for this price range. I own Kaidan and sorry I didnt learn of Nodal Ninja before I bought it. All the same features at hundreds less. I say YES to buying Ninja Ninja if you plan on doing any type of panoramas.
David L. USA

65.) Mine arrived yesterday - Thanks Nick. The new rotator does seem to be a bit of an improvement on the old one, but I am staying with the 15 degree indent plate as it allows me to go with either a 4 or 6 around without having to change anything. Definitely appears to be lighter with the use of the plastic knobs - but they appear to be very sturdy....All in all I am very happy, this product seems to get better with every release and at the price it is definitely a bargain! Thanks
martin, PanoGuide.com forum

64.) Got the NN3's this morn, Very happy, swapped the detent plate to the 45 degree one (which I will be using most for 4 shot)....its solid build quality and very sturdy, Very light(compared to others ive used) and its a bargain compared to others.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
rudders, panoguide forum

63.) My new NN3 arrived yesterday.... I have been quite impressed with it so far, using a 20D+Sigma 8mm combination. No problems setting it up and it looks very smart and neat....my first test pano came out well with good alignment of up and down shots.
John H. UK panogude forum

62.) Hi Bill, First of all I would just like to thankyou for producing such a great product. I received the Nodal Ninja 3 a couple of weeks ago and I am extremely happly with it. The customer support that you provide is also top notch. It looks like things are kind of crazy with the orders, but this is good no? Regards
Adam C. USA

60.) My New Backpacking/Day Hiking Kit:,Bogen/Manfrotto 3444 CarbonOne - 3lb 12oz,Nodal Ninja 3 - 17oz,Canon XT + Sigma 18-200 - 2lb 3oz, Total: 7 lb, a 2lb 11oz savings from my old Bogen pano head which has already gone on 4 backpacking trips this year, plus several long day hikes.
Hermit, Colorado

59.) Mine arrived yesterday - Thanks Nick. The new rotator does seem to be a bit of an improvement on the old one, but I am staying with the 15 degree indent plate as it allows me to go with either a 4 or 6 around without having to change anything. Definately appears to be lighter with the use of the plastic knobs - but they appear to be very sturdy....All in all I am very happy, this product seems to get better with every realease and at the price it is definately a bargain! Thanks
Martin S. UK

58.) Got the NN3's this morn, Very happy, swapped the detent plate to the 45 degree one (which I will be using most for 4 shots)... Very light(compared to others ive used) and its a bargain compared to others.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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57.) My new NN3 arrived yesterday.... I have been quite impressed with it so far, using a 20D+Sigma 8mm combination. No problems setting it up and it looks very smart and neat. For anybody wondering about clearances in the straight up position, here is a shot that might be of interest.....
There's about 10mm clearance above the central knob as the camera is swung into position....my first test pano came out well with good alignment of up and down shots. Time taken to unpack from the carrying case and assemble the head and camera on the tripod is about 90 seconds.
John H. UK

56.) Hi Bill, Just wanted to let you know that the NN 3 is awesome. Thanks
Jeremy M. USA

55.) What a cool gizmo!! Glad I selected Nodal Ninja #3. It fits nice in my bag and is very small. I am shooting landscape panos 180 degrees and like shooting in landscape mode. Good product I highly recommend. Yours
Jerrie G. Honolulu HI (Olympus E-330)

54.) I've been using the NN1 for the past couple of years and have been very happy with it. NN3 is so much better, nice going, Im glad I got it, thank you.
Roger C. Canada (Canon Rebel w/ 8mm Sigma)

53.) Thanks for the fast delivery. I shot numerous panoramas with the NN3 this weekend and I like it! Thanks
Jim C. USA (Nikon D200 w 18-200VR Nikkor)
NOTE: This lens is not recommended due to weight and length

52.) If your product is anything like your customer service response I would feel privileged to actively spread the word about your company. Thank you.
Michael F. USA

51.) Gee - those guys at (deleted) weren't very nice to deal with plus they wanted $600 dollars more for their tripod head than you. I decided to give your NN 3 a try - works for me! I bought bought a new Sigma lens with the left over. Thanks
Randy T. Perth WA

50.) the nodal ninja is a serious bargain.
John C. USA

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49.) Hi Bill, Your service is just too good to be true. It's a real pleasure working with someone that knows customer service forward and backward. First just so you know, it is possible to swing the arm straight up to shoot a zenith with this camera and lens. It takes 8 shots to make a full 360 by 180 in portrait mode - 6 shots around, every 60 degrees and 1 up and down shot....My first shoot today went quite well and the stitching is working very well. It looks quite probable that I'll be extending my eval for quite some time - just a joke there - I'm pretty sure at this point that you've got a new happy customer.
Robert H. Chicago, Illinois (Canon w/10.5 Nikkor)

48.) Bill I will take the extra set as a back-up. I travel a lot and might loose some of these little parts...thanks again for the fine machine design.
Tom P. USA

47.) This is pretty nice. I see a lot of thought went into the design. It has a professional look to it as well and I'm not embarrassed to use it in public. Okay I might be a little vain but this isn't like some of those Rube Goldberg tripod heads out there. And thanks for the rebate off Panoweaver. Good Luck Guys!
Chuck M. Denver, Colorado (D200 w/ 10.5)

46.) Just in and used it straight away. Nodal Ninja 3 is easy to setup and use/ Personally I don't need the case because I keep it in a pocket in my camera bag. Excellent product and i'm keeping it! Sincerely
Luis D. Dallas Texas

45.) Hi, Nick did his homework on the new NN3 ;-) I'm very impressed with the quality. Making a light pano head even lighter and stronger works for me because I travel a lot and put this in my carryon luggage. The reversible detent plate is great too. I see I can reverse the one it came with but actually prefer having the 30 click stops. Works with the 8 and 10.5. I highly recommend this product to anyone needing a quality pano head without spending tons of cash. thanks again and kudos
Jerry A. New York NY

44.) Thanks for looking this up. I am getting to know the NN3, and it is a pleasure to work with (after my homemade job). I hope to start putting together some images made from 2 rows of images (I was unable to do this before), and would like to send some for your gallery when I get them finished. Sincerely,
Steve C. Riverside, CA.

43.) Hi, I received my Nodal Ninja today and it looks great Thanks
Raymond N. Hudson, NH

42.) I keep on using NN-SPH1a with my Powershot G5 for holiday travels. Thanks...it is great equipment.
Peter B, Netherlands

41.) I just received the new NN3 and I must say that I'm very impressed with the re-design! Regards
Greg P. New Market, Maryland (Nikon D50 w/ 10.5mm DX)

40.) want to thank you for a quality product. Keep going! Sincerely,
Benedict K. USA (Canon 350D)

39.) Hi - just got my new NN3 in - WOW!! Did a couple quickie panos in my living room and like the click stops. Easy to use and setup. I'm using a D200 with 10.5mm lens. It was well worth the wait. Having used the SPH-1 for for the last year and half this is a BIG upgrade. It looks great too! I'm only sorry the click stop plates are on backorder as I wanted to try them out with different lenses. Well done Nick - anyone else thinking about a pano head - give this a try - it's highly recommended - excellent support team too. thanks again
Charles B. California (Nikon D70s w/ 10.5mm Nikkor)

38.) Hello Bill, This is Tsun. I purchased your Nodal Ninja about 6 weeks ago and I had planned on using it to record the Himalayan Mountains. Well, I'm back! Took quite a few sequences for stitching. So far all look pretty good. Problem was the enormous dynamic range I experienced at over three mile elevation! Anyway, I really put the Nodal Ninja to a baptism by fire! I have suggestions on improving it and on HOW to use it. I disagree with the user manual in many many areas! But I still think that this is the best pano head. It's even better than my (deleted) unit which cost me about five time MORE! I've also bought parts from Bogen/Manfrotto and the combine price even exceeds that of my (deleted) and it was a total kluge! One very good feature of the Nodal Ninja, besides its rigidity is that it can be easily 'field-stripped' and cleaned. In some parts of our journey, it was rather dusty so before I put the head back in my bag, I cleaned it out so the dust won't be brought into my bag and polluted my D70, Fuji S2 and the several lenses I had in it. All of my panos were done with my D70 and with the 'kit' lens set at 18mm. I used it both in the landscape and the portrait orientation. To carry as little weight as possible, I brought along my newly acquired (just for this trip) Manfrotto 714B tripod. I mated it with a Manfrotto 3299 quick release adapter to which I had the quick release plate attached to the Nodal Ninja. Works wonderfully! Regards,
Tsun T. Closter, NJ

37.) The Ninja Nodal works great with the new Olympus E-300 (Evolt)....it is actually very versatile because I can switch the direction of the mounting plates to suit my camera body.
Chip J. San Diego, CA

36.) Thanks for the followup Bill. Set up the NN and calibrated it for my Nikon D100 without mishap. A real rarity for me! My very first shots were almost perfect -- just had to reposition the camera on the upper arm to place the nodal point a little closer to that arm's pivot point. After that: 100%! Great product and reasonably priced for the quality!
Charlie B. Vernon, CT

35.) Since we have purchased the Ninja, our results have been %110 better than using the tripod and leveling it and using software out there. Not only has the Ninja saved time but, it has also saved stitching errors. Thank you for your support and help.
Luke A.
Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

34.) As I have come to expect, your customer service is above and beyond expectations. And thanks for your honesty above and beyond the call of necessity. My wife and I own an animation art business as our "side business" and try to maintain a similar standard of business ethics/conduct. A pleasure doing business with a gentleman! Thanks
Little Silver, NJ

33.) I'm using a Nikon D70 mounted vertically with a Sigma 8mm lens to shoot HDR panoramas. I'm shooting four positions at 90 degree increments. The Nodal Ninja has been a good solution for me so far. It's economical, lightweight and easy to assemble quickly. Thanks!
Evan J.
Toronto, Ontario Canada

32.) I'd just like to say that the Nodal Ninja SPH-1 has been a great tool in this first month of use! The finish is excellent, the construction sturdy, and the price unbeatable. My Panasonic DMC-LC5 works well with it, however I wish the off-axial adapter had slightly greater adjustment. The Nodal Ninja allows me to get close enough to the nodal point of my camera without too much parallax occurring. As a newcomer to panoramic photography, the Nodal Ninja has been a great investment. I was also very impressed by the next-day shipping of my order! Sincerely,
Geoff F
Santa Cruz, CA

31.) I am using a Sigma SD10 -- without the external power pack/battery holder -- and the head works with that body and my 50mm/2.8 EX Macro lens, as well as the 18-50 and 55-200 kit lenses. The Nodal Ninja is easily capable of supporting this camera and a reasonable lens, and with the offset adapter can be used to hold the camera horizontally or vertically. Multi-row panoramas (why I bought the head) will be no problem.....I think your product rocks!
John C. Bellevue, Washington

30.) Hello Bill, Thanks for letting me know the Nodal Ninja has shipped. You seem very much focused on customer service, easy to use website, keeping the customer informed, something I appreciate and try to acknowledge wherever possible. Thank you. In addition, it is nice to connect a human being with a company. I am looking forward to using the Nodal Ninja with my Nikon D70. Regards,
Jene C. Apple Valley, MN

29.) And here is my first panorama with the NInja. My back yard. It worked perfectly.
Tony F. San Leandro, CA

28.) Hi Bill, The Nodal Ninja was received Thursday, I think. I made a pano with it Saturday and it was easy to set up and determine the node. I had hand-held my Nikon D70+10.5mm before which makes it tricky to create panos in PTMac, which I am learning to use. It's simple(r) with a pano-head and tripod. HA I like the NN's sturdy construction, ease of use, simplicity, and price. Your service and communications with me were very helpful. I'm going to enjoy using this device.
John F. New Albany, OH

27.) I received the Nodal Ninja some week ago and after some week of test I'm very please of this product. The construction of the bracket is very impressive. The graduate rules on the different arm of the bracket are very well engraved. The rotation around the vertical axis are quite smooth. Finally, the bracket is very stable with a Coolpix 5000. I do not try other high grade panoramic head, like the (deleted) or the (deleted). These products are surely well made ... but 499$ for a (deleted) spherical head ... no thanks !
Ed - newsgroup posting

26.) I'm an amateur photographer and just started using digital photo equipment. I bought a Coolpix 8700 and after playing with the panoramic software they include in there package I decided to learn a bit more. Releasing how important this nodal point thing a friend of mine suggested a getting a adapter for my tripod so as to eliminate the parallax errors I was having. Didn't take much to realize the Nodal Ninja was right for me, inexpensive and does the job perfectly. Love the little carrying case too. My next investment might be some panoramic software but in the mean time at least I can create fun panoramic's around the house and yard.
Mark B. Sarasota Florida

25.) I don't understand why some companies charge so much for the pano adapters - all they're made of is metal - some plastic. Finally a company comes along offering a decent quality product at a decent price. I haven't bought a Nodal Ninja because I already own the expensive (deleted) (my configuration approx. $550). I would surely recommend anyone needing a pano head to consider saving a few bucks and consider the Nodal Ninja. Anyone want to buy a used (deleted)?
Luke B. Portland Oregon

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24.) Don't leave your Nodal Ninja on the dash of your car on a hot sunny day, thing gets HOT! Glad it's made of metal or it would have melted. Nice durable unit, I'm very happy with it.
Doug H. Tempe Arizona

23.) I bought the Nodal Ninja for my D70, works great for my Real Estate stuff! Many thanks.
Sherri B. Hollywood California

22.) I currently use the SPH-1, and am very satisfied with it.
Dr. Stephen R. Washington, DC

21.) You wanted feedback so here you go: I'm using a Dimage Z20 - I'm happy - and it's works great! Good Luck
Jim A. Farmington Hills, Michigan

20.) The first thing I have to say: you guys at Nodal Ninja are that you are doing a very good job and representing yourselves on the many many forum posts that I have read recently while researching this whole panoramic head market. I have full confidence that I will be treated fairly and with respect judging upon what I have seen communicated by posts representing Nodal Ninja. Thanks for you quick response, I respect companies with responsive customer service.
Scott D. Homer Alaska

19.) I just received my Nodal Ninja. I'm very pleased with the fit and finish, as well as the engineering.
Bob R. Bron Indiana

18.) Bill It arrived today. In fact I have it on my tripod and ready to try out. I appreciate all your help and speedy replies. I am most impressed with your level of service. Your unit is much better than my home made device, although mine did work. But the asthetics count as now I can at least look like I know what I am doing. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts and patients. I can say I will be a very happy users. Thank You,
James F. USA

17.) I'm using NN with an Olympus E-500 with a 14-54 lens. (deleted) wasn't up to the task, but NN does just fine. I purchased the standard version (SPH-2S) and have a full range of movement except for straight up. For me, that's not a problem. I removed the set screw that does click stops as I prefer no stops. Once I did this I could rotate the mechanism counter clockwise and the tightening knob didn't loosen!
Thomas N. New York

16.) Thanks Bill, I just got through stitching together the first few panoramas I took yesterday using the nodal Ninja and I must say they worked out very well. The Ninja does that job at a very reasonable price and should pay for itself in no time.
Irv M. Canada

15.) Order has been delivered. Fantastic Tool!!!!!!! Tested it, flawless quick stitch!!!
Dan F. Jackson, MS

14.) I finally had a chance to test the replacement bracket and it is really great! Seems a bit more solid especially when mounting the camera direct to the bracket. The detent is perfect and has made things so much easier.just count the clicks!
Bob D Felton, CA

13.) Bill, In today's world of phone menus and digital answers it is a great pleasure to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about and willing to take the time to make a call. I already have one friend very interested in your product. You said that you were a fairly new company, I wish you the best success but don't forget this personal touch when you get to the top. Happy New Year,
Leslie K Glastonbury, CT

12.) Hi Bill, I purchased the SPH-2L earlier in the week and received it yesterday. Although I haven't yet had a chance to use it, I am very impressed so far with the quality and compactness of the design - much smaller than my (deleted) but just as sturdy, maybe more so. I especially like the ability to break it down and stow it in the travel case - great for travel and hiking! Regards
Greg P. New Market, Maryland

11.) Hi Bill, the unit came yesterday and works great! I want to thank you again for your kindness and great services. To bad that there aren't more co.'s and people like you around. I use this for bird watching as a substitute for the Wimberley Sidekick (SK-100). I know your tripod bracket was primarily designed for shooting panoramics but thought others would like to know it works well for us bird watchers as a substitute for Wimberley Sidekick bracket. Great product - Thank you again
Adolph K. Kansas City, Missouri

10.) Bill, the customizability of the Nodal Ninja is very impressive:
1) Being able to change the click stops to various strengths (strong, off completely, or my preferred method, as light suggestions that can be ignored with longer lenses or used as every other stop reminders).
2) Resistance of both arm rotations. I definitely can tilt the base to take overhead shots and have enough resistance to keep the camera in place! This is a big deal to me!
3) I've found it easy with the parts provided to set the camera up in landscape mode on the main base for quicker, single row panoramas. I don't anticipate using this often, but it's great to know it's possible (still getting used to shooting predominantly in the portrait orientation). Thank you
Rich M. Dartmouth, New Hampshire

9.) I recently purchased your product for my D50 and I must say I'm impressed with the compact design.
Brien C. Tennessee

8.) Hi Bill, We have just received the nodal ninja, and so far we love it! I'm shooting a lot of panos it's turning out ok for a first timer, it's very easy to set up and very slick as well. thanks Bill
Pierre and Faith, Canada

7.) Thanks a lot for making a good quality head for a fraction of what everyone else charges! Until I came across your stuff, I was ready to settle with building my own simplified pano head.
Andrew M. Boulder Colorado

6.) Bill, Wow! If it doesn't put you out, that would be really great. I see that rumors of your superb customer service are not exaggerated in the least! Thanks,
Ryan T. Orinda CA.

5.) Hello Bill, MY TESTIMONIAL TO YOU! & Picture of my unit. After countless hours of research, I have definitely done my homework well. The Nodal Ninja is by far the best INVESTMENT I have made for my photography equipment. I have already done several VR shoots with it and DEFINITELY your product is AMAZING! I am one satisfied customer! The quality is absolutely HIGH END MATERIAL. I recommend this product to anyone that is in search of a panorama TRIPOD HEAD! LOOK NO MORE this is it! Thank you for such a great product!
S.K. Calgary, AB, Canada

4.) I got the Nodal Ninja in today and tried it out. It is exactly what I needed. Thanks for providing a great product.
Dan R. USA

3.) Dear Bill - I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you so much for the outstanding customer service you demonstrated last week. The CP4500 adapter plate was left out of my SPH2-L order, and I shot you a quick e-mail last week to that effect.
I think that you must have read the e-mail within minutes of my sending it, and had the plate in the FedEx overnight shipping within minutes of that - I received it the next day!!!! Unbelievable. In this day and age, it is truly refreshing to encounter a company individual who actually cares about customer service. Thank you!!! You have made a believer out of me. Thanks in advance .....
Mark V. USA

2.) Mr. Bailey, Thank you very much for the quick response. I have already spread the word about the design/ value of the NN to a few photo friends, and I will be sure to add high regards for your excellent customer service. Others on the internet have spoken very highly of their interactions with NN, and I'll certainly be doing the same. I wish my dealings with other internet vendors were so positive! Thanks,
Douglas M. USA

1.) Hi Bill, Thank you so much. Received everything today [closed on Saturday] and I'm so impressed by your great service! I definitely recommend you guys to everyone I know!
John C. New York


This is only a portion of what our customers have been saying about the Nodal Ninja and our support. Out of professional courtesy we have deleted the names of our competitors when mentioned. If you are a Nodal Ninja user, we would like to hear from you.
Please tell us what you think of Nodal Ninja and also our service, along with what camera and lens you’re using.
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