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Ultimate M Series Out of the Case Quick Assembly

Ultimate M Series Out of the Case Quick Assembly
These basic steps applies to both M1 and M2 series heads. Here we're actually showing the Ultimate M1-L w/RD16-II.
When you receive your Ultimate M Series 1 or 2 Series pano head, many of the parts are already assembled for you. Here we show you how to assemble the head quickly right from the case.
In this kit we will be using the advanced rotator D-16-II. The rotator comes with an arca-swiss style clamp already attached. Start by loosening the clamp on the rotator.
Note the vertical assembly 'stop-screw' on one end of the lower rail and the level on the opposite end. Place the rail into the rotator clamp with level side facing away from you. Position is not important at this time. Tighten clamp.
Loosen and rotate the upper clamp on vertical assembly (VA) as shown. Loosen VA base clamp and position onto lower rail making sure the upper rotator clamp is facing towards level side of rail. Slide VA assembly until it touches the stop screw and tighten. This position will never change.
The upper rail uses an arca-swiss clamp one on end for mounting camera. On the other end of rail you'll notice a level, which you will not use in this configuration. Place rail into upper rotator clamp and tighten. Position is not important at this time.
We also include misc hex keys, washers and extra screws should you ever need them.
After assembly you only need to adjust no parallax point of your lens. Optional rail stops help to remember rail positions.
Your M Series Pano Head is now completely assembled.
Arca-swiss style camera plates sold separately.

Fanotec's Ultimate M Series Modular Panoramic Tripod Heads: Strongest, Repeatable Results, Arca Style Modular Design, Upper Rotator Lock Stops (M1)
Popular Uses: Landscape, Cityscapes, Gigapixels, Commercial, HDR
Level of Experience: Semi Pro - Pro
Cameras: DSLR's, Medium Format, some Large Format
Lenses: Portait mode up to 400mm - Landscape mode up to 750mm

M1/2 Ultimate Series Manuals

QRG - M1 Ultimate Series: .html .:. .pdf (633 KB)
QRG - M1-L/S Ultimate Series: .html .:. .pdf (346 KB)
QRG - M1-S Ultimate Series: .html .:. .pdf (1.2 MB)
QRG - M1 Nadir Adapter: .html .:. .pdf (386 KB)
QRG - M2 Series Gimbal Head Pano Head: .html .:. .pdf (1.9 MB)

M1 Ultimate Series translations

Français (French): Guide d'installation de l'Adapteur Nadir pour Ultimate Modular M1-L: .html


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Digital Photographer Magazine Editor's Choice Award 2010/2011

Digital Photo Gold Award
#1 selling photo mag. in the UK awards NN3 the "DP Gold Award". Nov. 08
Features Build 5/5
Performance 5/5
Value for Money 5/5
Overall 5/5

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Pixelmania Award
Pixelmania Award: NN3MKII + NN5 w/RD16

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Chasseur d'Images Award

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NN5 Scores 5 of 5 IT Enquirer

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NN3 Scores 5 of 5 Applelinks



Nodal Ninja

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