Nodal Ninja 180


Nodal Ninja 180 (NN180) primarily designed for single row panoramas using super wide angle fisheye lens.


The NN180 will support camera/lens combination's which NN3 and NN5 are not able to support. The advanced RD4 rotator include stops for dual shot spherical panos when using lenses such as Nikon FC-E8/E9 and the Sunex 5.6mm Fisheye. NN180 also supports long converter-camera combination's such as the IPIX lenses and Raynox DCR-CF185 Pro when using with long prosumer or point and shoot Digital Cameras like the Nikon P5100 or P6000..
Lenses such as the Sigma 8mm or shaved Nikon 10.5mm on cameras with full frame sensors, like the Nikon D700, work perfectly.



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Features:Nodal Ninja 180 side view

  • Universal - fits all circular fisheye lens from compact digital cameras (T-adapter required for offset tripod socket) with FC-E8/E9 to big professional cameras like Canon 1Ds series and Nikon D3.Nodal Ninja 180
  • Advanced rotator design (Rotator D4).
  • Fully lubricated bearing for smooth rotation.
  • 4 detent interval options (2, 3, 4, 6 stops /180, 120, 90, 60 degrees).
  • Suitable for most fisheye lens for making spherical panos.
  • Detent interval can be changed in seconds on the fly - just unscrew the knob and screw into desire interval hole.
  • Knob for locking rotation.
  • Ideal for making HDR panos or in windy locations.
  • Small nadir footprint, diameter of 54mm provides sufficient precision and stability while keeping the nadir footprint small.
  • The unique placement of knobs means that they will never appear in the spherical panos.
  • Compact and light weight - only 500g.
  • 5kg (12 lbs) loading supported.
  • Supports all cameras up to medium format.
  • More affordable and greater value for dollar.

Technical Specs:
  * Weight =  535gr (1.02 lb)
  * Size = 200mm x 100mm (approx. 7 7/8" x 3 7/8”)
  * Material = Anodized aluminum
  * Base Color = Non-glare black
  * Load Limit = 5kgs (12lbs)
D4 Rotator:Nodal Ninja 180 with RD4 rotator
Material = Anodized aluminum
Base Color = Non-glare black
Mounting threads = 3/8 inch
Weight = 228g (8.05 oz)
Load limit = 5kg (12lbs)
Diameter of 54mm
Height = 40.5mm
2 blue anodized knobs;
* Detent knob with ball bearing type plunger
* Lock knob to lock rotation
Demarcations (tic marks) on rotator include:
* 5 degree small tic marks
* 15 degree medium tic marks
* 30 degree numerations (0, 30,60,90 etc)
* 30 degree diamond marks between numerations
4 different degree stop increments (with equivalent number of stops around) include:
* 60 (6 stops)
* 90 (4 stops)
* 120 (3 stops)
* 180 (2 stops)
Notes: Designed to mount with lower rail systems of current Nodal Ninja's using anti-twist sockets and M6 female thread with supplied 1/4 hex screw.
(NN3 older version will require cork or compression washer not yet available)