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Nodal Ninja 4 is the new affordable spherical panoramic tripod head from FANOTEC that will take your photography to new heights.
Replacing the NN5 series, the NN4 is a bit more robust featuring greater precision and build quality.
The NN4 features an upper rotator with precise 15 degree positive stops, a design borrowed from the advanced Ultimate M1 series. Currently the NN4 does not allow for anything other than 15 degree incremental locks which are rarely needed in typical workflows.
The upper rotator however can be configured with an initial offset of +/- 5, 7.5, or 10 degree from the horizon, making it perfect for single row spherical panoramas with various fisheye lenses.
This pano head is capable of supporting DSLR's (with or without battery grips) and lenses up to 7.7lbs (3.5kg).
NN4 is designed to accommodate a wide range of lenses from ultra wide to 100mm focal lengths (35mm equivalent focal length assuming 25% overlap). Ideal for anything from 360x180 full HDR spherical panoramas to super high resolution mutli-row gigapixel imagery.

Nodal Ninja 4 vs Nodal Ninja 5
  • Slightly shorter vertical and upper rails than NN5.
  • Easier to use upper rotator with 15 degree positive stops.
  • Support offset of +/- 5, 7.5, or 10 degree from the horizon.
  • Support use of FANOTEC lens rings with new QR clamp.
  • More affordable than NN5.
  • Same load rating to support up to 7.7lbs (3.5kg).
  • Limit to 100mm focal length only (35mm equivalent and 25% overlap).

Note: NN4 will use all accessories from NN3 and 5 series.

NN4 Available Configurations:

NN4 Starter Package - $349.95
NN4 with RD16-II Advanced Rotator - $439.95
NN4 Stand Alone (No Rotator) - $239.95
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NN4 Extra Info

NN4 Accessories
NN4 Accessories

Who uses the NN4

  • Realtors
  • Both Beginning and Advanced Panoramic Photographers
  • Hikers with bit larger cameras, for larger resolution panoramas

Quick Specifications

  • Light-weight
  • Small footprint
  • Easy assembly
  • Great support

Price: $349.95
SKU: F4500
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Support and Manuals

Complete Manual - Nodal Ninja 4: .html .:. .pdf (2.4 MB)
QRG - Nodal Ninja 4: .html .:. .pdf (338 KB)
QRG - Nodal Ninja 4 with RD16: .html .:. .pdf (441 KB)
QRG - Nodal Ninja 4 with RD8: .html .:. .pdf (423 KB)



Nodal Ninja

Exclusive distributors of the Fanotec product line. Fanotec develops and manufactures exclusively products to meet the needs of the panoramic photographer. We offer products such as the award winning Nodal Ninja, the CNC machined Ultimate Line, Carbon Fiber Aerial Poles, Levelers, and many more related accessories. Many of these items may also be used for general photography as well.


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