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NN180 NN180 Camera with Sigma 8mm on NN180

Discontinued - Once existing stock is depleted the NN180 will no long be available for purchase.

For single row cylindrical panoramas. Adjust click stops on the fly to either 60, 90, 120 or 180 degree increments. Giving you the equivalent of 2, 3, 4 or 6 stops around. Includes Camera plate and rail stops and hard shelled case.

The NN180 will support camera/lens combinations which NN3 and NN5 do not support. They include stops for dual shot spherical panos when using lenses such as Nikon FC-E8/E9 and the Sunex 5.6mm Fisheye. Also supports long converter-camera combinations such as the earlier mentioned FC-E9 and also Raynox DCR-CF185 Pro when using with long prosumer or point and shoot Digital Cameras.

NN180 is also intended to simplify pano taking for certain camera/lens combinations by allowing single row shooting instead of multi-row shooting. They include cameras with circular fisheye lenses such as the Sigma 4.5mm, sigma 8mm on full frame cameras, Sunex 5.6mm, and Nikon FC-E8/E9 for making spherical panos, also wide angle lenses for making cylindrical panos. Lenses such as shaved Nikon 10.5mm on full frame sensor and Sigma 8mm on cropped sensor can be supported by using a L-bracket and slanted adapter (to be released later) for making spherical panos.


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