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iSTAR™ is the worlds first fully automatic self stitching 360 degree high resolution rapid imaging camera. Manufactured by NCTech in the UK this workhorse of a camera incorporates state of the art technologies. At less than half the price of the competition iSTAR is affordable to industires in need of a quick all-in-one solution.
iStar by NCTech

Ease of Use, Zero Setup Time

Ease of use and zero set up time iSTAR is the first 360 degree camera with the power to process its images internally, with no need for a computer to complete post-production processing or stitching.  Crucially, iSTAR can be used by anyone and does not need special training or photographic skills. With zero set up time it is small, light and robust, making it easy to transport and quick to deploy.

Robust, Durable and Accurate

The iSTAR is precision engineered like no other camera and its construction pushes the very limits of today's technology. With no moving parts, four lenses are mounted in a solid steel case. It is this armour that allows the camera to operate at the highest level of precision. Each iSTAR lens is calibrated for optimum performance giving a perfect 360 degree image instantly.

Instant, Fast Capture

Current 360 degree imaging systems typically require around 10-15 mins to capture and generate a 50 megapixel spherical image. With the iSTAR the same spherical image is captured instantly in one single shutter release. The final image is ready in under 10 seconds. This rapid speed of capture together with the iSTAR's light weight and zero setup time allows multiple locations to be photographed in minutes, not hours.

Models and Features

iSTAR is available in two software models - FUSION and PULSAR‚ both of which photograph the full spherical environment. PULSAR offers extended capabilities over FUSION, including speed and time saving features to speed up productivity and provide even higher quality HDR images. It also offers a superior user interface with live full immersive video preview, network connectivity and fast capture for video surveillance.

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Key Applications

360 Degree Rapid Imaging

iStar for Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement
  • Scenes of crime
  • Collision investigations
  • Public order events
  • Tactical visual documentation

iStar for Military
  • Rapid Reconnaissance
  • Tactical Response Planning
  • Pre Visualization
  • Threat Assessment

iStar for Engineering
  • Airborne Photography and Mapping
  • Asset Management
  • Visual Documentation
  • Mining and Monitoring

iStar for Government
  • HM Revenue and Customs
  • Border Control
  • Immigration Security
  • Ports and Harbors

iStar for Heritage
  • Laser Scanning - RGB for point clouds
  • Heritage Documentation
  • 3D Digital Visualization
  • 3D Modeling and Mapping

iStar for Media
  • Street Mapping
  • Spherical Interior Imaging
  • Broadcast Immersive Media
  • Virtual Tours

iStar by NCTech
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