2. Nodal Ninja 4 Features

Fanotec® Spherical Panoramic Tripod Head Nodal Ninja 4 - Complete Manual

We have compiled a list of the features and benefits of Nodal Ninja. When shopping panoramic tripod heads you need as much information as you get. We feel Nodal Ninja offers the best performance with features against price. Here is a summary of the strong points of Nodal Ninja 4.
  • The NN4 is an affordable spherical panorama head that will take your photography to new heights.
  • It supports a wide range of lenses from ultra wide angles to 100mm (35mm equivalent focal length and 25% overlap) telephotos.

    Nodal Ninja supports a wide range of lenses
    Nodal Ninja supports a wide range of lenses
    Nodal Ninja supports a wide range of lenses
    Nodal Ninja supports a wide range of lenses
  • The upper rotator can be installed with an offset of +/- 5, 7.5, or 10 degree from the horizon, making it perfect for single row spherical panoramas with various fisheye lenses.

    NN4 - upper rotator
    NN4 - upper rotator
    NN4 - upper rotator
    NN4 - upper rotator
    NN4 - upper rotator

    NN4 - upper rotator knob
  • The Nodal Ninja 4 can support up to 7.7lbs (3.5kg) large DSLR cameras and supports the advanced rotators RD8, RD16, and RD3L.

    NN4 on RD8
    NN4 on RD3L
  • Longer arms than NN3. This helps to accommodate larger cameras like the D2X, D3 or MK II, MK III, and cameras with battery packs and even many medium and large format cameras.
  • Allows your camera to be mounted in landscape mode.

    Camera mounted in landscape mode
  • Allows your camera to be mounted in portrait mode.

    Camera mounted in portrait mode
  • Fits all tripod heads - uses both 3/8" & 1/4" thread mount adapter.

    NN4 fits all tripod heads
  • Small rotator base - less foot print to edit out when doing full spherical panos.
    NN4 has a small rotator base
  • Closed rail design - assures your expensive camera won't slip off accidentally.
  • Detachable upper arm detents to rotate about any desired increment.
  • Large, easy to turn, knurled edge adjustments knobs (great with gloves in cold weather).
  • Allows the use of many Quick Release Adapters.
  • As small as 10 degree click stops in lower arm rotator are possible.
  • Reversible detent rings.

    Reversible detent rings
  • Detent rings can be disabled on the fly without any tool.
  • More precise rotator base with locking function.
  • Made to higher precision tolerances than earlier models.
  • Demarcations in increments of 2.5 degree on both upper and lower rotators, great for doing high resolution mosaics at longer focal lengths.
  • Rail stops for "remembering" camera and lens settings.
  • Leveling - built-in quality bubble level for exact leveling.
  • Lower and upper arm rulers for precise measuring of entrance pupil settings.
  • Compact.
  • Weight - only 885 grams.
  • Attractive, foam lined, zippered hard shell carry case.
  • Customer support.
  • Two year manufacture warranty.

NN4 Complete Manual

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Nodal Ninja 4 Features
Chapter 3. Nodal Ninja 4 Exploded View
Chapter 4. Hard Shelled Cases for Nodal Ninja 4
Chapter 5. Basic Assembly
Chapter 6. Removing and Replacing Detents
Chapter 7. Setting up with Known NNP
Chapter 8. Using the Camera Mounting Plate (NCP1)
Chapter 9. Mounting in landscape mode
Chapter 10. Quick Release Adapters
Chapter 11. Cameras / Grips with Off-axis Tripod Mounts
Chapter 12. About Parallax
Chapter 13. Finding the Entrance Pupil of a Lens
Chapter 14. Warranty
Chapter 15. Returns
Chapter 16. Copyright Information
Chapter 17. Contributors

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Nodal Ninja

Exclusive distributors of the Fanotec product line. Fanotec develops and manufactures exclusively products to meet the needs of the panoramic photographer. We offer products such as the award winning Nodal Ninja, the CNC machined Ultimate Line, Carbon Fiber Aerial Poles, Levelers, and many more related accessories. Many of these items may also be used for general photography as well.


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