12. About Parallax

Fanotec® Spherical Panoramic Tripod Head Nodal Ninja 4 - Complete Manual

Parallax defined

Parallax is the apparent shifting of a foreground object relative to a background object when viewed at different angles or perspectives. With panoramic photography, multi-shot images or images shot side by side create an issues know as parallax. This is because each image shot is actually different from the one before it due to the minor shifting of objects in the field of view. The foreground objects will tend to shift from the background objects if the camera is rotated outside the no parallax point (NPP) of the lens. Seamless stitching of adjacently shot photos is almost impossible with tell tale lines whenever parallax is prevalent. Things simply won't line up properly.

Parallax Demonstrated

Hold your thumb out in front of you at arm's length and view it with your right eye (left eye closed). Move your head side to side while remaining focused on the background, and you'll see your thumb move side to side relative to the background - this apparent change in position is due to the effects of parallax. This is the same thing that happens when a camera is rotated on a tripod. Tripods are NOT designed to eliminate parallax with panoramic photography.
Using a special head like the Nodal Ninja, and adjusting it properly, so it rotates about the "entrance pupil" of a lens, will eliminate virtually any parallax.

Parallax and Panoramic Photography

Once parallax free images are taken, and with the use of special "stitching software", you are able to seamlessly stitch the images together.

NN4 Complete Manual

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Nodal Ninja 4 Features
Chapter 3. Nodal Ninja 4 Exploded View
Chapter 4. Hard Shelled Cases for Nodal Ninja 4
Chapter 5. Basic Assembly
Chapter 6. Removing and Replacing Detents
Chapter 7. Setting up with Known NNP
Chapter 8. Using the Camera Mounting Plate (NCP1)
Chapter 9. Mounting in landscape mode
Chapter 10. Quick Release Adapters
Chapter 11. Cameras / Grips with Off-axis Tripod Mounts
Chapter 12. About Parallax
Chapter 13. Finding the Entrance Pupil of a Lens
Chapter 14. Warranty
Chapter 15. Returns
Chapter 16. Copyright Information
Chapter 17. Contributors

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