The Nodal Ninja 4

We are introducing the new, affordable Nodal Ninja 4, designed and manufactured by Fanotec. Your panoramas will be even more precise with the redesigned upper rotator with 15 degree stops. A wide range of lenses up to 100mm telephoto (35mm equivalent focal length and 25% overlap) can be used with this head. If you like, the upper rotator can be installed with an offset of +/- 5, 7.5, or 10 degrees from the horizon, making it perfect for single row spherical panoramas with various fisheye lenses. The Nodal Ninja 4 can support up to 7.7lbs (3.5kg) large DSLR cameras

The Nodal Ninja 4 supports the advanced rotators RD8, RD16, and RD3L. Starting at $349.95, the NN4 is an affordable spherical panorama head that will take your photography to new heights. The NN4 will be available for order in April. We are accepting pre-orders at
Check out the Fanotec Poles

Since their introduction, photographers have been ecstatic about furthering their panoramic photography with Fanotec carbon fiber poles. Aerial panoramas are an exciting new way to show a bird's eye view. Fanotec poles are designed to be light-weight and easy to use, perfect for any pano photographers bag. Learn more about our poles at
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