Help needed with Nadir/Zenith in stereo panoramas (NN3mkII)
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Thread: Help needed with Nadir/Zenith in stereo panoramas (NN3mkII)

  1. Help needed with Nadir/Zenith in stereo panoramas (NN3mkII)


    I bought the NN3 mkII. Amazing panohead!

    Like I stated in my other thread I want to shoot stereoscopic 360 panoramas. Without the T-adapter I'm able to make a horizontal shift of 5.6cm in total (2,8cm for each eye).

    First question: Would that be enough for 3D depth?

    Furthermore, Ive read that the Nadir en Zenith are opposite when using the method of rotating the panohead horizontally and vertically. Ive also read that you can use one shot for both left and right eye Nadir and Zenith.

    Second question: However, do I need to make this shot from the NPP or from one of the shifted points?

    Im not able to stitch the panoramas correctly when I use one shot from lets say the right eye for both the left and right pano.
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    Hi, congrats for your purchase!

    Yes, that will be good enough depth for 3D stereo panorama,
    here is one I made with that depth almost 8 years ago,
    with a NN3 and a single camera

    Depending of how you stitch, use one or both images with +/-2.8 cm offset
    from nadir and zenith .
    Having a working 3D nadir and zenith in a stitched panorama is difficult(if possible)
    considering how the panning is done in a panorama.

    You can put a 3D rotating nadir cap, with your logo or such.

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    Thank you very much for your reply Dorin.

    Unfortunately I don't quite understand it yet :( sorry newbie here.

    I use Autopano to stitch the two panorama's, because PTGui gives me too much parallax error, even with 12 shots per pano.

    What do I have to do to create the Zenith / Nadir like in your example?

    When I add individually shot Nadir's to each pano they don't align anymore...
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    You can do the same stitching with PTGui but we'll consider what you had better success so far.
    So how do you stitch them with Autopano, you stitch, say, first Left Eye pano, nadir/zenith included, then stitch Left Eye pano, again with nadir/zenith?

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    What I do is I stitch together Left eye including Left eye Nadir/Zenith.

    Then I stitch Right Eye without Left Nadir/Zenith, because when I add Left eye Nadir/Zenith to Right eye pano, the Right eye pano gets really distorted...

    Thank you Dorin.
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    As step two, stitch Right Eye with Right Nadir/Zenith

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    OK I will try that and come back to you. I think I already tried that, but I will try again.

    So I have to take 2 pairs of Nadir/Zenith? One pair for Left Eye and one pair for Right eye?
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    Yes, take two pairs for now.

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    OK, well it kind of works, however my panohead is in the opposite direction offcourse.

    Furthermore my eyes hurt, the 3D effect looks misaligned again...

    Do you have a workflow for PTGui? Maybe Im doing something wrong in Autopano, or one of the automatic alignment features of Autopano is in the way...
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    Just to confirm, when I don't add the Z and N the stereo effect is perfect...

    What am I doing wrong :(

    Do sample images maybe help you?
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    Then you just need to stitch Left Eye equirectangular (w/out N/Z) with corresponding Left Eye N/Z.
    and Right Eye equirectangular (w/out N/Z) with corresponding Right Eye N/Z but to optimize only N/Z in both cases and to set blend priority to equirectangular.
    Also you can stitch N/Z cubefaces with corresponding N/Z.

    I think you'll need PTgui for that.
    Don't worry if you don't know yet how to do that, try to make perfect stitched panoramas for a while and in no time you'll be able to do the above said very easily, and even make a PTGui template for that :)

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    So you mean that I have to make four panoramas? I dont'understand the part "with corresponding ...".

    What I have done yesterday is to apply Left eye N/Z to both Left Eye and Right Eye pano's and it worked! Is that possible?
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    *I can't edit my posts*

    But I think I understand what you mean!

    1. Create equirectangular Left panorama without Nadir / Zenith shots
    2. Repeat step 1 for Right
    3. Export both these panorama's individually in equirectangular panorama format without Nadir / Zenith (Nadir / Zenith are "black")
    4. Import Left equirectangular panorama without Nadir and import also Left Nadir / Zenith
    5. Stitch these three Left images together and OPTIMIZE ONLY Nadir/Zenith and SET PRIORITY to the equirectangular panorama
    6. Repeat step 5 for Right
    7. Create stereoscopic equirectangular panorama

    Some remaining questions:

    Q: Is the above correct?
    Q: I have to check how to OPTIMIZE ONLY Nadir/Zenith and SET PRIORITY. I think this is possible in Autopano. Can you please post the steps how to do this in PTGui?
    Q: Is the above method "better" then applying Left Nadir/Zenith to Right panorama like what I achieved succesfully yesterday?
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    Yes, the steps are OK now, my English is not very good :(

    In PTGui (I don't know about Autopano) you can set different blending priority to images, say, 100 for some images and 1 for others, images with 1 priority will only used to fill-up if some holes are left after using images with 100.
    Also you'll find useful to use all the arsenal PTGui has for viewpoint correction for N/Z photos, so go for the PRO version of PTGui if you can.
    I'll not post specific steps in PTGui as my version of PTGui is about 7 or more years old, I'm sure much is changed though the principle remain the same.
    I'll upgrade PTGui in near future and then I'll post some updated tutorials about making 3D panoramas with one or two cameras.

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    OK thank you very much for your patience Dorin!

    I will keep trying and see which method is the best.

    I'm looking forward to your tutorial!

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