Nodal ninja ultimate m1 users, feedback needed
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Thread: Nodal ninja ultimate m1 users, feedback needed

  1. Nodal ninja ultimate m1 users, feedback needed

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    NODAL NINJA ULTIMATE M1 USERS, I need your feedback for improvements.
    Personally, I like the design of the M1. It has a very compact upper rotator for a 7.5 deg positive stopping interval, supporting large loading. But it can still be improved. Anything you think we can improve on the design?

    Using M1 for spherical panos?

    Using M1 for multi-row mosaics?

    7.5deg upper rotator interval is fine enough?

    7.5deg fine enough, but need a clutch for optimal composition?

    7.5deg NOT fine enough, and need 5 deg?

    Is the clicking sound annoying in some situation?

    We listen. We try harder.
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    I would love a lighter version of my M1, same quality and sturdiness but lighter package.

    I am at least ready to pay more for a lighter version if better quality material has to be used.

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