Hi, I'm new to panoramic photography and need to get some equipment to start off. I've got a Canon 50D, 10-22mm, 24-105mm and a 50mm. I also have a Manfrotto 290 tripod and 3-way head.

I'm interested in taking <180° landscape multirow panoramas to start with, some vertical.

Can you please tell me if the NN4 would be enough? What will the M1 or M2 do the the NN4 cannot? Does the M2 have the "click stops" on the upper rail? Is the RD16 a better option than the 8? Do I need a base plate or anything else?

Although I'm just starting I'd prefer to try and get the right gear first, rather than spend less money initially but have to pay lots more because of limitations.

Many thanks for any help.