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  1. Helicopter 360 pano


    Hi guys!

    Enjoy the view!



    - Carbon Fiber Pole Serie 1
    - RS2
    - Pole Series 1 Upper Guy Wire Support (F7140)
    - 6 Meter (18ft) Automatic Rewinding Guy Wire (F7144)
    - Tripod Adapter for Pole 1/2 Type B (F7316)
    - Manfrotto 055 ProXB
    - Nikon D800
    - Nikon 10,5
    - PocketWizard PlusX Wireless Radio Flash Remote Trigger

    Mario Carvajal, colombian photographer
    I use Nodal Ninja in my panoramas... I am very happy with R1.
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    Thanks for share, looks really nice ;) I'm just unable to move into panorama here (Chrome on Linux) !

    French Nodal Ninja Distributor
    Blog: http://www.skivr.com
    Online shop: http://magasin.skivr.com
    Photo gallery: http://flickr.com/skivr
    Support website: http://support.skivr.com

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