I've been looking at an R10 as a travel head, the rest of my pano gear is too heavy.

Shooting a Sigma 8mm f3.5 on a Canon APS-C sensor, I've been happy with 6 shots around at +7.5-deg pitch on an NN5, plus nadir.

I'd like to replicate this on the R10 with mini rotator. No problem, I see the 60-deg detent ring version.

***here is the question***
However, the R10 quick reference guide refers to a .85 rail setting "for four shots around".
Likewise, the R10 stop plate 102 product listing refers to "+7.4 4-shots GTP".

Is this lens ring & stop plate going to be equally fine for 6 shots around? My brain tells me "yes", if the NPP is set it doesn't change with 4 or 6 shots. But then there are some comments from DennisS about a slight sideways offset with this head; would 6 shots tend to make this offset more prominent, making stitching more challenging?