Hi guys. I have a Nodal Ninja M1 with the RD16 rotator. I'll explain my setup briefly so my question makes sense. I have a small Arca Swiss plate for my camera (the kind with a lip at the front that matches the contours of the camera to stop it twisting) that I use to lock it into the rotator arm of the NN M1. I also have a wider 'bar' style Arca Swiss plate that I received with the M1. I use this on the bottom of the RD16 rotator to mount to my ballhead for easy on-off use. Having a plate on both the rotator and the camera means I can easily switch between using the camera directly on the ballhead and using the panoramic head on top of the ballhead. I'm not sure if this is how others do it, but it works for me. The one problem is that the plate on the rotator isn't ideal due to its size and shape. It protrudes on either side of the ballhead and looks a bit silly. his brings me to my question:

Does anyone know of a quality, not too expensive (some plates are really quite expensive), square shaped Arca Swiss compatible plate that won't protrude (too much) from the bottom of an RD16 rotator? Ideally with dove tails on all four edges as I find that easier because it will lock in no matter what direction it's facing.