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    Hello, and sorry if this has been asked previously in the forum, I tried to search for it but it gives me an error 500 message.

    I have been a photographer for some time now, but only started doing panos about a year and a half ago when I enrolled in the GBP program.
    I have been using the R10 GBP kit, but now I want to be able to take nadir and zenith, to publish custom tours and on Google views.
    The camera that I'm using is a 7D with the sigma 8mm. I will probably stick with it for now, but in the future I might change to a smaller camera, maybe an OM-D, A7... or maybe just upgrade the lens to achieve better quality.

    I would really appreciate it if you could recommend which Nodal Ninja head & rotator would suit me best, as I have been looking for a while and I'm still confused, RS 1/2, NN 3/4...

    Thank you in advance for all your help.

    Kind regards.
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