R1/Samyang 8mm/Nikon FX NPP Settings
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Thread: R1/Samyang 8mm/Nikon FX NPP Settings

  1. R1/Samyang 8mm/Nikon FX NPP Settings


    Can anyone share correct NPP Settings for R1+Samyang 8mm+Nikon FX please?
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    No takers, it would seem. However, it takes only 5 minutes or so to determine the correct setting for the R1 as there is only one adjustment possible (apart from tilt, of course). With 70 posts to your credit, I'm sure you are familiar with the handful of tutorials that are recommended here with monotonous regularity.

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    If you learn the calibration process once, you will never have to ask again. You need to do your own calibration any way because not all rigs use the exact same numbers. Recommended numbers get you close, personal calibration gets you spot on.
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    I know how to do it (thanks largely to John's tutorials), and have come up with working numbers for this combo using the tape on the window method. I will probably validate/fine tune when I have more time. I was only looking for a starting point since I thought this would be a relatively common kit.

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