Side to side adjustment needed on R10 (and R1)
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Thread: Side to side adjustment needed on R10 (and R1)


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  1. Side to side adjustment needed on R10 (and R1)

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    I have been using an R1 pano head at 5 degrees tilt for years now. Looking into my spare parts box I found an R10 fixed at 5 degrees. I got a screaming deal a few years ago off of eBay, so I could not turn it down. Today I decided to see what it would take to put the R10 into service.
    Going through the calibration exercise I found that the fore/aft setting was exactly the same for both the R1 and R10 pano heads. Good job thinking ahead Nick. (Nikon D800, Tokina 12-17, 5 degrees up tilt = 21mm)
    Problem is that my 6" calibration disk I put between the rotator and tripod head was coming out saw toothed in the stitched pano.
    Mind you pictures taken with the R10 slightly off center stitch ok, but when you are using a monopod you need to eliminate as much error in your set up as you can since you will be inducing NPP errors while taking pictures.
    Now that I have been doing this for a few years I knew what adjustment needed to be made in order to have the disk come out nice and round.
    I went out to my machine shop for yet another round of "modify the pano head". I turned the precision drilled holes into precision slots. I also elongated the counter sinks.
    Now I have about 2mm side to side adjustment. I was able to dial in the pano head to the point where my calibration disk is nice and round, not pointy or lumpy.
    Nick, please modify your R10 clamp to include slots instead of holes. No matter how well you make your pano heads (no complaints here) there is still room to improve and get the camera precisely at the NPP.
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