Hi Guys,

I'm about to pull the trigger on an Ultimate M1-L w/RD16-II.

But before I do I just wanted to ask some questions, you will have to excuse me as I haven't been in the Pano head game very long and am still picking it up to a degree.

My primary uses are Milky Way pano's and landscape pano's, I travel a fair bit, I also have a LucrOit filter systems that attaches to the 2 x primary landscape lens I use, Nikon 14-24mm + Nikon 70-200vr2. These attached to a Nikon D610.

Questions I have.

- Is the Ultimate M1-L + RD16-II the way to go?
- Which camera plate is best suited for the camera.
- Will I need a custom plate for the 70-200 VR2?
- I like the sound of the EZ leveller but is it needed for this setup?

Before I hit the buy button and get everything delivered to lil ole Perth Western Australia I just wanted to make sure I have everything I need.

Many thanks in Advance