I am consider buying the advanced rotater but I am not using the nodal ninji arms. I already have a sizeable investment in Acratech leveling plates, ball head, nodal rail and right angle arm. I would like to place the advanced rotater on top the leveling plate and below the ball head. The leveling plate has a 3/8 male thread on top which would then screw into the bottom of advanced rotater which had a 3/8 thread. Then I would like to screw my Acratech ball head on to the top of the advanced rotater. The issue is the the thread on the rotater is a M6 thread which is close to a 1/4 inch thread.

One thought I had was to drill our the M6 thread on the top of the rotater and retap it with a 3/8 thread. There are two problems that I see with this. 1) the M6 thread is only 1/2 deep and after drilling the tap would be placed in hole and because the tap is tapered, I wouldn't be able to get a good thread deep enough. 2) Drilling and tapping would probably put shavings down inside the rotater and damage the bearings.

I was wondering if the head could be partially disassembled to drill and tap the hole and put back together again?

Any thoughts or solutions would be greatly appreciated.