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    I need help orienting the tripod legs relative to the Nodal Ninja 5 arm for the nodal shot when using the nodal adapter.

    I am trying to visualize the correct orientation of the tripod legs and the Nodal Ninja 5 when using the Nodal Adapter. My visualization is off or I may not be moving the tripod enough but I keep getting a missing section when I mask out the tripod in the pano shots and the nodal shot.
    I would appreciate help getting the legs oriented correctly relative to the Nodal Ninja arm. Thanks for your help.
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    I make sure the camera top is facing the single leg on the tripod (when I start the pano) with the camera base pointing in-between the other 2 legs (if that makes sense), then after you've taken the first nadir shot and swing the camera out on the adapter it points to the space between the 2 legs (obviously you move the whole set-up to the left as well). This is on an Ultimate so I'm not sure if it's the same on yours.
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    I'll add to what Johny said...
    What he describes will work for the NN5 - I have it and the Ultimate - and that is what I do.
    In slightly different words - when setting up, my camera is aligned on one of the legs, doesn't matter which. Then the back of the camera is essentially centered between the other two legs. This way when you swing the camera around using the Nadir Adaptor you have the ground underneath and not a tripod leg in the viewfinder.

    Also, when setting up I drop a plumb bob from the center post of the tripod and use that to place a marker on the ground. Then, when I swing the camera around I move the rig so that the marker appears in the camera's viewfinder thus the camera is in the same centered in the same position as it was when taking the around shots.
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    Hi Bob,

    Shoot your Nadir1 just in the position you shot your pics around. So move the panohead 1 click further to be in the first position. Go down -90° and shoot Nadir1. Then you have to move your tripod aside in the direction of the third leg. The distance you have to move depends on DPD and your tripod. Incase you do not get free space between Nadir1 and Nadir2, you have to move your tripod further aside till you get free space between Nadir1 and Nadir2 to see the ground. In PTGui you have to switch on "viewpoint correction" for Nadir2. Can you send the pics of Nadir1 and Nadir2 via


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