I bought the Canon 8-15mm. It is nice.
I have a NN3 and I would like know which way is the best way to get the shots in the box?

I read http://michel.thoby.free.fr/Canon_8-...oParallaxPoint

Canon 8-15 mm @ 8 mm with 3 Horizontal is out of the question because of reduced resolution.

But which on of these should I use:
Canon 8-15 mm @ 12 mm with 4 Horizontal and a nadir
Canon 8-15 mm @ 15 mm with Nadir + 4 Horizontal + Zenith
Canon 8-15 mm @ 15 mm with Nadir + 6 Horizontal + Zenith

I want to play "safe" with minimun stitching errors and a good resolution. The amount of pictures is not so much an issue.

Why do a lot of you choose 12mm with this lens?

Best regards