Hello Community,

I need your help because i'm little bit confused to decide what is it the best NN for me.
I'm a 3D artist and I guess it's no so important to have an high definition HDR for my own projects and I don't want to spend tons of euros/dollars to buy a new camera and an expansive lens at the beginning.
I have a NikonD80 and I would ask you if you have some suggestion which is a cheap lens to make HDR and which the best NN for me.
If you want to spend some of your time to reply to the next answer it will be very amazing. I'm not a PRO and I want to understand before to buy a NN how I can know how to set properly my NN (how many degrees stops) using a DSLR and a Specific Lens. What should I take into consideration (focal lens, lens, type of camera) what kind of ratio I have to do. If you have some lectures where I can take a look... I trust in you community :))
Merry Xmas!